10 Pros and Cons of Living in Kentucky Right Now

Kentucky is a state that has been hit hard by the recession and subsequent economic recovery. The unemployment rate in the state is still high, but there are some positive aspects of living in Kentucky.

The reasons not to live in kentucky is a list of 10 pros and cons that are currently present in Kentucky.

Before You Move To Kentucky, Here’s What You Should Know

Today, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of living in Kentucky.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “Is Kentucky a decent location to retire?”

Or if there are any drawbacks to living in Kentucky. That you should be aware of before to relocating.

Whatever the case may be. We know all there is to know about living in Kentucky.

So there’s no need to wait any longer. Let’s get started with the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky straight now…


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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Kentucky

The following are my top ten advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Kentucky:

  • Low living costs
  • Some people will benefit from tax reductions.
  • Regional delicacies and beverages
  • Outdoor activities abound.
  • The four-season weather provides a lot of variety.
  • Extreme weather dangers
  • Income and sales taxes are both very high.
  • K-12 education is of lower quality.
  • There is a lack of variety.
  • Urbanization’s Effects

I’ll go through each of these advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky one by one. And I shall do so very soon.

But first, let’s address the most important question. That you’re probably looking for an answer…

Is It Safe To Live In Kentucky?

Just like every other state. Residents in Kentucky must make some compromises.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

The Advantages of Living in Kentucky

To begin with, you will discover that Kentucky is a reasonably priced location to reside. Set mostly in a rural environment. This allows for a more leisurely pace.

Also, whether you’re a landlord or a retiree. The tax rates are also fair. As a result, you’ll save money overall.

When you’re starving. It’s not difficult to satisfy your hunger.

With a variety of substantial meals. I’m a big fan of southern cuisine. That’ll get stuck in your ribs.

Finally, the scenery is breathtaking. And they’re very diverse.

Whether or not lakes are a part of your interests. Mountains, to be precise. Alternatively, there are undulating hills. You may choose from a variety of outdoor activities.

Because there’s something for everyone in Kentucky’s great outdoors. I’m engrossed in the diversity that each of the four seasons has to offer.

Doesn’t it sound good?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Here are some drawbacks to living in Kentucky.

Because a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky would be incomplete without them…

Kentucky’s Worst Characteristics

Weather patterns are sometimes characterized by all four seasons. It isn’t all that it seems to be.

Because shifting weather conditions may lead to severe weather. And Kentucky is no different.

Because tornadoes and floods are common in many parts of the state. In addition, the summer heat and humidity are unbearable.

Then there are those who benefit from tax advantages. They are not available to everyone.

Since the high-earners As well as large spenders. Will pay a significant amount in income and sales taxes.

Despite this, the educational system in the state remains impoverished. Alternatively, it may be mishandled. As a result, students in grades K-12 get low grades.

Finally, outside of the most densely populated regions. There aren’t many. The majority of people are “cut from the same fabric.”

With some strong feelings on race, religion, and conservative politics. In Kentucky, making it such that not everyone feels at ease.

Okay. By responding to the inquiry. What it’s like to live in Kentucky. We’ve gone over some of the most essential points.

Next, as promised, we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky one by one.

But first, a little tale…

The Advantages of Living in Kentucky…

Kentucky was my first exposure to the state. In my early twenties, I was on a work trip to this city.

A woman at work developed an interest in me. But don’t get me wrong: I’m not a snob. She might have been my mum.

I still recall precisely what she said…

“Welcome to Kentucky, young man,” says the narrator. It’s a country of beautiful ladies and wild horses. Is it wild women and beautiful horses, or is it something else?”

That was her point of view. Her voice has a little southern tinge to it. I also saw the sparkle in her eye.

I’m not sure. In any case, I suppose. You can’t go wrong with this.

But enough about my own background. Now, here are some fascinating facts about living in Kentucky.

Also known as “The Bluegrass State”…

Low Living Costs


As you read each sentence, think about what you want to say. On your monthly spending plan.

You will discover that Kentucky is a low-cost state to live in. In comparison to the rest of the country.

Let me break it down for you. On how this state achieves such a cheap cost of living…


Your house’s price. Regardless of whether you own or rent. Most people’s budgets are usually slashed the most by this expense.

However, when it comes to Kentucky’s advantages and disadvantages. You will discover that house prices are very reasonable.

The location of the median house value. Is about 40% less. In comparison to the rest of the nation.

Apartments for rent are also available. Particularly in bigger cities such as Louisville and Lexington.

However, if you locate an apartment that meets your requirements. Rents are likely to be 25 percent to 35 percent lower. Compared to other parts of the nation.

However, residing in the state’s north-central region will cost you a bit more money. Cincinnati, Ohio is located to the south.

And I’ll make a few observations in this regard. I’ll be back later.

Let’s keep to your budget for the time being…

Other Living Expenses in Kentucky

Because saving does not end when you leave your house. Other costs are lower in Kentucky as well.

Because of the cost of food, health care, utilities, and transportation. All of them are around 5% to 10% lower than the national average.

And if you’re still looking for inspiration, To stretch your hard-earned money a bit farther.

Here are a few tools and techniques that I recommend…

Living in Kentucky, There Are Several Ways To Save Money (or anywhere)

Get the most affordable rent for your unit. Alternatively, your new home’s mortgage. By keeping a good credit score.

You are welcome to check yours for free. Credit Karma is a service that allows you to keep track of your credit score.

Then take advantage of whatever advice they provide. To make it better.

Also, shop around for a decent mortgage rate. If you intend to purchase a house.

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Also, for purchases made on the internet. Get money back. By downloading and installing the Rakuten cash rebate app.

You may save even more money when you go grocery shopping. Ibotta’s cashback app makes it simple.

Finally, but certainly not least. It is critical to have control of your whole financial situation. Whatever your reasons for relocating to Kentucky are, we can help.

Whether you’re making a monthly budget. Alternatively, putting all of your banking and financial information in one location.

These activities may be completed utilizing Personal Capital’s free online service.

It helps you save time. It also makes money management less of a hassle.

The best part? These suggestions and resources are applicable no matter where you choose to reside!

And they’re all completely free to join and utilize. So start putting money aside.

Plus, there’s a bonus. Rakuten even throws in a ten-dollar bonus. Thank you for registering. Making your first internet purchase is also a big step.

After then, it’s your turn. One of the reasons I chose to reside in Kentucky is because I had another motive.

It’s even better news for your money…

Some people will benefit from tax reductions.


In Kentucky, not all taxes are cheap. And I’ll come back to it later.

But first, let’s take a look at the bright side. Where your Kentucky taxes will save you money…

Retirement Income Taxes

For anybody thinking about retirement in Kentucky, here are some advantages and drawbacks to consider. You’ve struck it rich.

Since this state offers tax advantages to elderly citizens.

To begin with, social security income is not taxed by the state.

Furthermore, up to $31,110 in retirement income is tax-free per individual. This covers a broad range of retirement income sources. Including public and private pensions, 401(k) plans, and tax-deferred Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Every person’s tax status is unique. As a result, all I can do is generalize.

But only under the finest of circumstances. As an example, consider a married couple who both work for a livelihood. In addition, you should have income from social security and a retirement plan.

Let me simply say this. Savings on state income taxes may be significant. In comparison to other states in the nation.

Another benefit of living in Kentucky is that I have another one. Taxes are involved…

When you live in Kentucky, you will have to pay property taxes.

This state, in particular, boasts minimal property taxes.

To begin with, property taxes are the consequence of two factors. The rate of taxation. Also, the worth of your home.

The average property tax rate in Kentucky is very low. Specifically, in the bottom half of the country’s states.

However, since property prices in Kentucky are so low, A low value is subjected to that tax rate.

As a result, Kentucky citizens pay much lower real estate taxes. In comparison to inhabitants of other states.

Why Is Kentucky’s Low Cost Of Living Important?

Throughout the majority of the state’s rural areas. There aren’t many high-paying professional jobs available.

In addition, household earnings are lower than the national average.

You will discover the majority of the better employment. Will work in the fields of healthcare, education, manufacturing, or agriculture. However, salaries are still very low.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. That is something I will discuss later.

You can, however, make ends meet. Because Kentucky’s average cost of living is so appealing.

So, just make sure you have enough work. Prior to relocating to Kentucky.

Alternatively, if you intend to retire in Kentucky.

Make certain ahead of time. That is your retirement income source. Are sufficient to fulfill your requirements.

Okay. For the time being, let’s not talk about money.

Let’s move on to something a little more enjoyable. Since I’ve got another one of Kentucky’s advantages for you…

Foods And Drinks From Around The World


There is a lot of excellent local cuisine to be found here. It’s some good southern cuisine. It is, without a doubt, at its best.

Comfort Food is a must when you live in Kentucky.

Fried chicken is also a popular dish in the area.

Colonel Harland Sanders, after all, invented Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When he first started serving fried chicken from his roadside stand almost a century ago. Corbin, Kentucky is the location.

Cornbread was another favorite meal.

Sandwiches made on hot brown bread. A turkey open-faced sandwich with bacon and a light Mornay sauce.

It was created in Louisville’s Brown Hotel. During the Roaring Twenties.

Burgoo is a thick pig stew. Cornbread or corn muffins are often offered with this dish.

There are also various regional variations in barbequed meats. Depending on your location inside the state.

Either a pork shoulder covered with a pepper sauce, vinegar, and bread, or a pork shoulder topped with a pepper sauce, vinegar, and bread.

Lamb shoulder in a Worcestershire-based sauce, for example.

And if you like a glass of wine now and again. One of the fascinating aspects about Kentucky is this.

Bourbon from Kentucky

Since more than 90% of the world’s bourbon supply is produced here. Is made in the state of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a must-see. There are hundreds of distilleries to see.

For the purpose of sampling. And then there’s the matter of locating the ideal bottle.

After that, there will be some delicious food and beverages. You’ll most likely be ready for some physical activity.

So it’s time to go. Taking us to one of Kentucky’s finest features…

Outdoor Excursions in Abundance


This is a lovely state. It also offers a lot of diversity in terms of scenery.

Beauty That Is Both Diverse And Scenic

First and foremost, in the state’s western region. Low undulating hills and pastures may be found. Forests, creeks, lakes, and streams are all present.

Then it’s on to central Kentucky. There are also some woods here. However, the land is flatter and the soil is abundant.

Creating a productive agricultural environment and a healthy cattle population. This property is home to maize, soybeans, poultry, cows, tobacco, and a large number of horses.

Then there’s the eastern half of Kentucky. It is bordered by the similarly beautiful state of West Virginia.

This is where the Appalachian Mountain range’s foothills begin. With deep valleys and high slopes.

Finally, Kentucky is home to a vast park system. National recreational areas, national parks, and state parks are all included.

Thousands of acres of state forest cover the terrain. There’s also the world’s longest cave system.

And all of this varied beauty leads to Kentucky’s next interesting feature…

Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re hiking, camping, driving, cave exploration, boating, or water skiing, there’s something for everyone. There are many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Here’s a taste of some of the best outdoor spots. That you will want to include in your Kentucky life.

  • Cumberland Gap is a gap in the Cumberland Mountains in the
  • Cumberland Falls is a waterfall in Cumberland County, North
  • The Daniel Boone National Forest is located in the state of Tennessee.
  • River Cave with a Secret
  • Kentucky Lake is located in the state of Kentucky.
  • Cumberland Lake is a body of water in the United States.
  • Land in the Middle of the Lakes
  • National Park of Mammoth Cave
  • Otter Creek is a tributary of the Ott
  • Gorge of the Red River

Keeping with the idea of being outside. One of the advantages of living in Kentucky is that I have another one.


Because hunting is so prevalent in this state. People that hunt a variety of animals may be found.

River otters, squirrels, turkeys, deer, elk, bobcats, and even black bears are among the animals that live in the area. The turkey and deer populations, in particular, are very large.

However, you must exercise caution in a few of areas. Here’s how to do it:

The first time was during the hunting season. Make sure you’re dressed in bright colors. When going for a hike in the woods.

Second, it’s not unusual for turkeys and deer to cross the road.

As a result, keep an eye out when driving. To prevent a mishap.

Horses And Farmland

Finally, if I didn’t mention Kentucky’s gorgeous countryside, I’d be short-sighted. It is particularly well-known for its horse ranches.

The majority of them are concentrated around and around Lexington. And all throughout Central Kentucky.

There are miles and miles of open countryside. And there’s the curving fence and undulating grazing hills. Will transport you to a more innocent era.

If you’re looking to buy farmland in Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place. Or, for that matter, anyplace.

Make sure to take a look at AcreTrader’s available possibilities.

Finally, there’s the Kentucky Derby horse race, which takes place every year. Each year in May, the Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs.

This major event only helps to highlight the state’s horse culture.

Also, ahead of the race. To establish the tone, there are festivals, festivities, and parties.

Then there’s the question of how all of this outdoor pleasure is feasible.

It’s due to the weather.

Another advantage of living in Kentucky…

Four-Season Weather Provides Variety

Because you may experience all four seasons in this state.

First and foremost, fall may be the finest season.

As the summer progresses, the temperature begins to drop. The leaves begin to change color. This results in spectacular autumn leaf displays.

Winters may be very chilly. And there will be snow.

However, severe cold and snow do not occur in the state. Neither the lengthy winter season. Its northern neighbors are more frequent.

Then there are thunderstorms. Rainfall is also frequent, particularly in the spring.

As a result, weather may be fickle and unexpected. As the weather becomes warmer, And the trees spring to life again.

Summers are very hot and humid. There are a lot of sunny days. Temperatures and humidity may reach the 90s in this area.

Okay. That brings us to the end of the major advantages of living in Kentucky.

However, a consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky would be incomplete. Without going through some of the reasons why you shouldn’t reside in Kentucky.

In addition, I’m not done with the weather…


Extreme Weather Poses Risks

Because severe or catastrophic weather may strike at any time of the year.

To begin with, tornadoes are common in the state. They may also appear almost anyplace.

On average, the state sees approximately 20 tornadoes each year. From the spring until the autumn.

In addition, several parts of the state are prone to floods.

So, think about it before you choose a place to reside. Make certain to look into the flood danger in and around your new property.

During the cold months. Freezing rain and ice are more likely than snow to fall.

Travel will be sluggish at best. In the worst-case scenarios, it may be very hazardous.

Finally, the heat and humidity in the summer may be unbearable.

And then the air is suffocating. Within minutes, you’ll be sweating through your clothing. After taking a step outdoors.

Okay. Let’s move on from the weather.

Let’s take a look at the second drawback of residing in Kentucky.

And now I’m returning to the subject of money and taxes…

High Sales And Income Taxes

Kentucky is one of a handful of states. This state has a flat income tax rate.

That simply implies that everyone pays the same amount of income tax. Regardless of how much money you earn.

With the exception of Kentucky’s tax advantages for retirees. As we already mentioned.

The state will tax your earnings at a rate of 5%. You get a $1 for every dollar you earn.

Furthermore, sales tax exemptions are available for goods other than food and materials. You will be charged a 6% state sales tax. You’ll save money on everything else you purchase.

This is a substantial tax. Especially when there are many states that have no sales tax at all.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a well-paying job, take use of it. And you like squandering a large portion of your earnings.

Kentucky is going to steal 5% of your earnings. And then there’s another 6% on top of that.

It’s making it simple for me to say. This is hardly a tax-friendly state to call home.

Unfortunately, the state does not invest more of its tax money in education. Another disadvantage of living in Kentucky…

K-12 education is of lower quality.

If you have children who are in school. Be aware that public schools are not well-regarded in this area.

So choose your school district wisely. There are a lot of excellent ones to choose from.

However, U.S. News ranks Kentucky in the lowest one-third of all states. Because of the excellence of its K-12 educational system.

The research looked at standardized test scores and graduation rates. From the public schools in the state.

Furthermore, according to WalletHub, the state is at the bottom in another research. Considering educational achievement and educational quality.

All of this tells me something. That public education in the state is underfunded or mishandled. Or a combination of the two.

Moving on to another disadvantage of living in Kentucky…

Diverseness is limited.


There isn’t much variety in this state. But don’t take anything I’ve said here the wrong way.

Because most people in Kentucky are nice and helpful. You won’t discover any difficulty until you actively seek it out.

On the other hand, white people account for almost 90% of the population. As a result, there aren’t many cross-cultural possibilities. People prefer to associate with others who are similar to them.

Locals, on the other hand, will speak objectively. Discrimination continues to exist.

In addition, the state is located in the Bible Belt. Churches may be found almost everywhere.

The majority of people follow Christian faiths. As a result, people of different faiths may feel out of place.

Then it’s up to you to decide where you want to reside. The state is politically conservative in general.

If you consider yourself to be a liberal. Recognize that they may not agree with your neighbors.

Outside of Louisville and Lexington, at long last. There aren’t a lot of commercially available entertainment choices.

Alternatively, a varied restaurant scene. If that’s something you care about.

For the most part, life in Kentucky revolves on church and family.

As well as going about one’s everyday routine. Mostly in a rural environment.

After that, I have one more subject to discuss. Then I’ll finish things up.

I couldn’t decide where to post this. As one of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky.

Please allow me to explain…

Urbanization’s Effects

Because urbanization has certain negative consequences for the state. The most of the time, it’s in the bigger cities.

They may be reasons for some people not to relocate to Kentucky. So, let’s have a look at them…

To begin with, Louisville’s air quality is poor. Because the industries may be smelled from other areas of the city.

Along addition, many facilities are located in Louisville’s chemical corridor. Rubbertown is the name given to the area. The majority of the negative publicity regarding air pollution comes from this source.

Next, transportation congestion isn’t a significant issue. But…

Car exhaust emissions may still cause air pollution. And they choose to live in and near cities. Especially when the air is calm and humid in the summer.

Then there’s the tourist industry. This may result in a high number of visits.

Ascending to the state’s most populous areas. During the vacation season in the summer.

However, there is an opposing viewpoint to this debate. The Bluegrass State’s metropolitan regions are discussed.

Louisville, Lexington, and Covington, in particular, constitute a regional triangle. Frankfort, the state capital, is wedged between the two.

Higher-paying employment may be found in this region. There are more things to do. Diversification has increased. Also, a greater tolerance for other lifestyles and points of view.

Major public universities are also situated in this area. To fulfill the higher education requirements of your family.

Such as…

  • The University of Louisville is located in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Kentucky State University is a public university in Lexington, Kentucky.

Cultural facilities are provided by these institutes of higher study. As well as collegiate sports. This item is not available anywhere else.

And while we’re on the subject of collegiate athletics, You should be aware of this. Kentucky people are passionate with collegiate basketball.

Outside of this more metropolitan, northern portion of the state, on the other hand. It soon becomes rustic and dispersed.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Allow me to wrap things up with a summary…

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Kentucky

I believe we have covered all you need to know about relocating to Kentucky.

To sum it all together. Here are my top ten advantages and disadvantages of living in Kentucky that we covered today…

  • Low living costs
  • Some people will benefit from tax reductions.
  • Regional delicacies and beverages
  • Outdoor activities abound.
  • The four-season weather provides a lot of variety.
  • Extreme weather dangers
  • Income and sales taxes are both very high.
  • K-12 education is of lower quality.
  • There is a lack of variety.
  • Urbanization’s Effects

This conversation should, perhaps, assist you in answering some crucial issues. Concerning the quality of life in Kentucky.

For example,

1) Is Kentucky a desirable place to live?


2) What are the advantages of relocating to Kentucky?

Best wishes. Regardless of where you choose to reside.

More Information On Living In Kentucky And Beyond

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Kentucky


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