17 Best Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find craft vendors at flea markets. If you’re looking for a handmade item to sell on Etsy or in your store, here are 17 of the best wood crafts that will make an impact and make money.

The best way to make money from a flea market is with wood crafts, which you can sell for at least $50. Here’s a list of 17 top sellers that always come out on top.

The “most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell” is a blog post about the 17 best wood crafts that sell at flea markets. The author of the article, who has been selling these items for years, shares his secrets on how to make money with your wood craft.

Do you want to find the greatest wood crafts at flea markets?

Working with your hands has several health advantages. One of the things you may do to get these advantages is to undertake woodwork. 

Apart from the health advantages, you may convert it into a source of income by pursuing money-making wood projects.

This page contains all of the greatest wood crafts to sell at flea markets, as well as other critical information on how to do so successfully.


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The 17 Best Wood Crafts for Flea Markets

1. Toys made of wood

woodworking that makes money

If you want to earn money at flea markets with your carpentry, you should build children’s toys.

Wooden toys are popular among parents since they are composed of natural materials. They may also survive longer than toys made of materials such as plastic.

For children’s toys, make sure you only utilize non-toxic materials.

2. Utensils made of wood

woodworking that makes money

Many individuals are striving to be more environmentally conscious, and one method to do so is to use reusable wooden cutlery instead of plastic ones.

You may construct a wide range of kitchenware and even personalize them by adding names or designs.

3. Photographic Frames

Frames for photos are a simple woodcraft to build and sell, and they may be a terrific project for beginners.

Add a picture to your picture frame when you sell it at the flea market to make it more appealing to clients.

4. Signs

wood projects that make money

Wooden signs with phrases or names have become a popular household and even wedding décor.

You will be able to find people willing to purchase these signs if you can produce them.

Despite the fact that these signs are often personalized, you should have a few examples available for purchasers to look at so they can get a sense of how theirs will appear.

Jewelry Boxes #5

homemade wood crafts to sell

At flea fairs, wooden jewelry boxes are a popular item to sell. They are simple to build and have a wide range of applications.

If you have the necessary abilities, you could even carve some designs onto the jewelry box to make it more appealing and distinctive.

6. Bookcases

Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Wooden bookcases are generally in great demand at flea market woodwork stands.

Whether a consumer hesitates over a shelf, it’s likely that they’re unsure if it’ll fit in their house. Try to have a variety of sizes of bookshelves so that you can suit the demands of various consumers.

Birdhouses are number seven.

woodworking that makes money

Birdhouses constructed of wood are excellent handmade wood crafts to sell at flea fairs. 

They’re easy to construct, but the finished result looks fantastic. You may experiment with several designs to see which ones your consumers like.

8. Bowls

woodworking projects that sell well

Wooden bowls are a popular item at flea market woodcraft stands. A bowl is useful to everyone, and they are typically inexpensive.

Make bowls in a variety of sizes so that your consumers may choose the one that best suits their needs.

9. Clocks

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

Your stand at the flea market will be a hit if you can build wooden clocks.

Adults and children alike are fascinated by these wonderfully made clocks. 

You have the option of working with a clockmaker or ordering the clock component and incorporating it into your design.

Baby Cradles (nine)

Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Parents are always on the search for well-made wooden cradles for their children, and they are ready to pay a premium for one.

Because they are for newborns, you’ll want to be sure they’re constructed of the highest quality materials and have all of the required safety features.

Chopping Board No. 11

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

Chopping blocks made of wood are simple to create and sell. As a result, they’re a terrific craft to produce and sell at flea fairs.

Make your chopping blocks out of strong, close-grained wood like maple to ensure that they are more robust and bacteria-resistant.

Wind Chimes No. 12

wood projects that make money

When you think about wind chimes, wood may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Wood, on the other hand, is an excellent material for making wind chimes. 

The music generated by wooden wind chimes is more mellow than that produced by metal or glass wind chimes.

Install a couple of them at your flea market stand and let the sound of the wind chimes attract people.

13. Decorative coasters

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

Wooden coasters are another beginner-friendly craft with a variety of styles to choose from.

These are common finds at flea markets since almost everyone need them and they are typically inexpensive. 

So that your wooden coasters don’t get destroyed, you’ll need to waterproof them. This is when polyurethane or spar varnish comes in handy.

Your wooden coasters may be sold as a set or separately.

14. Feeders for Squirrels

wood projects that make money

Squirrel feeders are getting more popular, and they’re ideal for folks who love watching squirrels at work.

They’re simple to build, and there are a number of patterns to select from. 

Knife Blocks (nineteen)

homemade wood crafts to sell

For novices, a wooden knife block is a terrific project. It’s not difficult to build and will come in handy for everyone.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure the knife slots are large enough but not too large. It’s usually best to start with small slots and then expand them as needed.

Coffee Tables No. 16

homemade wood crafts to sell

Customers shopping for wooden furniture often choose coffee tables. They’re not difficult to build, and the size and design are all up to you.

Simply ensure that your coffee tables are solid, since this will be one of the most important factors that buyers will consider.

17. Shakers for salt and pepper

best wood crafts to sell

Salt and pepper shakers are a terrific way to use up scrap wood from other projects. 

You can carve a variety of forms if you know how to carve. Animal-shaped shakers are usually popular since they are adorable and easy to sell. 

Is It Possible To Sell Crafts At A Flea Market?

Flea markets are a fantastic venue to sell your handmade items. 

Handmade wood crafts are highly valued, and people frequent flea markets in search of well-crafted and distinctive items.

If you’re not sure what kind of wood crafts sell best at flea markets, go to a few and observe what people are purchasing.

What are the most popular wooden crafts at flea markets?

If you’re looking to earn money from woodworking, I’m sure you’re curious about some of the most popular woodworking projects.

In general, the best-selling wood crafts in flea markets are those that are:

  • Affordable
  • Simple to transport
  • Can be used for a long period
  • Environmentally friendly materials were used.
  • Unique

Wooden Crafts That Are Simple To Make And Sell At Flea Markets

You may manufacture wood products to sell at craft festivals or flea markets even if you are a novice at carpentry. 

Here are some of the simplest money-making woodworking projects:

  • Boards for cutting
  • Bins for storage
  • Shelves that are simple
  • Racks for wine
  • Signs
  • Picture frames
  • Planters

You can generate money from them even if you don’t know how to build really sophisticated wood crafts. Especially if you can personalize or design them to make them stand out.

Building And Selling At Flea Markets: The Most Profitable Woodworking Projects

When it comes to picking the greatest woodworking projects to generate the most money, there are two techniques to consider.

Simple And Low-Cost

Manufacture goods that are simple to make and sell in large quantities. These goods are often little and inexpensive. 

To generate a significant profit, you’ll need to create a large number of them.

Utensils, bowls, boxes, and miniature toys are some examples.

More Expensive And Detailed

You may charge higher rates for these wood crafts and generate more profit from each item you sell if you have the time and expertise to manufacture objects that are bigger, have more features, and are more meticulously constructed. 

Whether you’re not sure if you’ll be able to sell the things, don’t waste too much time and money manufacturing too many at once. 

If you’re creating huge things, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate room to keep them until they’re ready to sell.

Furniture, intricately carved goods, and custom-made crafts are only a few examples.

Selling Handmade Wood Crafts at Markets: Some Pointers

woodworking projects that sell well

1. Select the Best Flea Markets

Examine the many flea markets where you wish to sell your wood crafts to observe what kind of products are offered and which wood crafts sell the best. 

If you attempt to sell your wood crafts in an area where people aren’t searching to purchase them, you’re unlikely to make a lot of money. Even if you have picked the top selling wood crafts. 

2. Organize Your Wooden Crafts

The next step is to organize your wood crafts once you’ve picked the finest flea markets to sell them at. 

You should figure out a technique to showcase all of your items in such a manner that purchasers can easily view and analyze them.

Allowing your environment to get overly messy or packed is a bad idea. If you have a lot of stock for certain things, don’t put them all out at once to prevent crowding your area.

It’s often helpful to have some accessories on hand to better exhibit your wood crafts or demonstrate how they might be utilized.

3. Set Appropriate Prices

One of the most crucial aspects in determining how much money you can earn from woodworking is the price. 

You must consider your supplies, time, effort, and other resources when determining a pricing. 

When you’re constructing woodworking items for business, deciding on the proper pricing might be difficult.

You won’t be able to make a profit if you establish a pricing that is too low.

You may not find any purchasers if you set a price that is too high.

If you’re not sure how to price your handcrafted wood crafts for sale, look at how others have priced theirs and attempt to match those rates.

Important Tip: Make sure your craft pricing are properly labeled so that your buyers can easily see them.

4. Make Sure You Have Enough Stock

Have a few pieces of each sort of wood craft to offer at flea markets so that you don’t run out while buyers are still looking.

Smaller and less expensive things are more likely to sell, so make sure you have lots of them. 

5. Provide more value to your customers

If at all feasible, give your clients a little more by allowing them to add names, quotations, sports teams, or other personalization options. It has the potential to convert your woodwork into a one-of-a-kind gift for them.


For some individuals, woodcrafting is a pastime, but it may also be converted into a source of income provided you pick the correct craft wood goods to manufacture.

You may begin working on these projects and earning money now that you know about the top wood crafts that sell at flea markets.

The 17 Best Wood Crafts for Flea Markets

The “top 5 woodworking projects that sell” is a list of 17 best wood crafts that can be found at flea markets. These are the top selling items from the past few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wooden items sell well?

A: Wooden dolls and figurines sell very well as they are often made out of quality wood. You can also make furniture like cabinets, shelves, and tables to sell cheaply.

Can woodworking be profitable?

A: This depends on how much money you have to invest in the woodworking business. However, it is unlikely that it would be profitable unless you are extremely skilled at using a saw and having good knowledge of wood.

How can I make money from woodworking?

A: There are many ways to make money from woodworking, but the easiest way is to sell your handcrafted products. You can also become a carpenter and do skilled carpentry for people in their homes or businesses.

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