5 Best Captcha Entry Jobs (Solve Captchas for Money?)

With the rise of automation, employment opportunities are rapidly disappearing. Many people fear that they will have to work until their death in order to survive financially. Here are five jobs you can do now for a side income while others slowly disappear: 1) Solve Captchas For Money- The most obvious one on this list is “Solve captchas.” These include tasks like deciphering letters and numbers or identifying shapes out of blurry photos. You could also solve text based puzzles by turning them into pictures (similar to what ProtonMail offers). There’s no shortage of places online where captcha solvers make money with your skills 2) Upwork Helpers- If you’re good at finding errors on websites, then there’s always freelance gigs available through sites like UpWork or Fiverr

The “swift captcha” is a type of captcha that is used by websites to prevent spam. The best way to solve captchas for money, is by using a service like Captcha Solver.

Do you want to get paid for solving captchas? Are you unsure whether captcha entry jobs are legitimate?

You’ve arrived to the correct location.

This tutorial delves into the realm of captcha solving for money, giving every detail and addressing every often asked question about this… hmm… peculiar sector.

I hope you’ll find it useful!

The Captcha Entry Jobs at Their Finest in a Nutshell

For further information, click the name of a website or app. More information may be found by scrolling to the right in the table.

Note: Continue reading for additional information, strategies, and other options for finding captcha jobs.

What Are Captcha Entry Jobs and How Do They Work?

Captcha entry jobs are usually online work-from-home possibilities in which you are paid to answer captchas one by one.

Captchas, for those who don’t know, are those tiny “human verification” checks you’ve almost surely seen on the internet. They require you to input in a random string of letters or words, click boxes containing certain items, move puzzle pieces into position, and answer basic arithmetic problems, among other things.

Types of captchas

There are many different sorts of captchas, but the graphic above shows some of the more prevalent ones. You’ll get quite acquainted with all of them as a captcha solver!

Is Captcha Typing Work Legitimate?

There are legitimate captcha typing jobs available. Although not all of them are legitimate, if you identify the correct ones, you may earn money by solving captchas.

However, don’t interpret this as permission to get started right immediately. 

Even while completing captchas may potentially earn you money, this chance may not be worth your time. Not only are the pay rates pitiful (see below for individual pay rates), but there’s also the question of whether captcha input jobs are ethical.

Captchas are in place to prevent bots, fraudsters, and spammers from doing things on the internet that they aren’t intended to be doing. However, if you work for a firm that pays you to solve captchas for these people, you are technically contributing to the issue. 

It is up to you to determine whether or not this disturbs you.

Who Uses Captcha Solving Services in the First Place?

Let’s speak about some of the genuine use cases for captcha solving services while we’re on the subject of ethical issues concerning captcha labor.

Why would someone pay for someone else to solve a captcha in the first place? Why don’t they just do it on their own?

In one situation, visually handicapped individuals may find it difficult to solve captchas on their own. However, I doubt they’d use captcha-solving services to circumvent this. Even if they were, they would only make up a tiny portion of the client base.

Botters, on the other hand, are considerably more likely to need captcha-solving services in order to keep their bots functioning properly. There are several applications for this, for example:

  • Shopping that is automated. It’s nothing unusual to use numerous accounts to buy limited-edition shoes and other things at retail pricing and then sell them for a profit later. Someone in a shoe botting group is searching for assistance with setting up 2Captcha (the #1 captcha input job listed below).
  • Account creation and sale. To create an account on most websites these days, you must answer a captcha. Bots will employ captcha solvers to establish hundreds of accounts, which they will then sell or use for spamming, false interaction, and other purposes.
  • Scraping data from the internet. If you’ve ever done a lot of Google searches (or Bing, Amazon, etc.) at once, you’ve probably come across a captcha. Web scraping entails making a large number of web queries in a short amount of time (for example, for price comparisons/tracking, SEO research, data gathering, and so on), which increases the chances of encountering a captcha. Bots employ captcha solution services to get around this.

While some of these use cases aren’t completely immoral (for example, price comparison/tracking doesn’t hurt anybody), the majority are. And the issue is that you usually can’t pick who you solve captchas for as a captcha solver, so you’ll unavoidably be assisting scalpers, spammers, and other unethical people.

It is up to you to determine whether or not this disturbs you.

Is Captcha Work a Risky Business?

Captcha work is rather secure in terms of privacy. Apart from an email address and a password, most captcha jobs will not need any personal information.

When joining up for captcha tasks, we suggest having a backup email account. That way, you won’t have to worry about spam cluttering up your main address in the future.

Aside from privacy, several captcha job sites provide software to download that makes captcha input simpler. This is where I would exercise caution.

To begin with, the apps may be infected with viruses. Because captcha input sites aren’t always trustworthy, I’d be wary about installing their software.

Second, there’s a chance that downloading software to make captcha solving simpler (or even automated — which is a possibility in certain circumstances) would result in your Google account being suspended. They won’t be thrilled if they find out you’re assisting bots in avoiding captchas. Alternatively, they might block your IP address, resulting in you seeing more more captchas online than normal.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Captcha Jobs

The Good

  • It may be done at any time and in any location.
  • It does not need any particular abilities.

The Bad

  • You may be promoting unethical internet operations by solving captchas.
  • It’s possible that it’ll have an impact on your Google account – During normal surfing, you may encounter more captchas than usual.
  • The pay is awful.
  • Captchas are tedious to solve. FAST
  • Working in this capacity gives you no meaningful experience.

Is It Worth It to Do Captcha Work?

Given the ethical considerations raised above, as well as the low pay potential presented by captcha input jobs, I can confidently state that they are not worth the work or time. 

That is, however, simply my view.

This may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for some. Who am I to tell you that if you live someplace with a cheap cost of living and don’t mind solving captchas while binge-watching your favorite podcast or YouTube videos, it’s not worth your time?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to determine what’s worthwhile.

Check out the options I’ve mentioned below if you’re searching for something more serious or simply want to test some chances with bigger earning potential.

Captcha-solving skills are essential for online captcha solving.

After reading everything above, if you still want to be paid to answer captchas, make sure you have these three skills:

  • Typing speed is adequate. The speed with which you can solve/type out each captcha will determine how much money you make when solving captchas. The more captchas you can solve each hour, the greater your average hourly rate will be.
  • The devil is in the details. Some captchas these days are…well, let’s just say they’re a pain in the neck to solve! If you want to make money solving captchas, you’ll need to be competent at deciphering them. Your account may be blocked from some possibilities if you make incorrect entries or enter at a sluggish pace.
  • Focus. Typing captchas becomes tedious for me pretty soon. You could listen to a podcast or watch a movie on YouTube while doing this sort of job, but you must remain attention to avoid missing any captchas (as mentioned above, this can result in suspension of your account on some sites).

Best Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha: 1 (Best Option)

2Captcha website homepage preview

  • Location(s): All around the world
  • Minimum age is 18 years old.
  • Web-based platforms
  • Earning potential: $0.52 per hour, $2.75 per month on average
  • Captchas and referrals are two ways to make money.
  • AdvCash, Airtm, Cryptocurrency, Payeer, Perfect Money, and WebMoney are some of the payment methods available.
  • $0.25 is the minimum payment.
  • The average payment time is 5 business days.
  • 2Captcha Review and Earning Guide for more information (In-Depth)

2Captcha is perhaps the most reliable and authentic captcha typing job available, although that doesn’t say much. If you read the rest of our 2Captcha review, you’ll see that it still has a lot of flaws.

It is, however, free to join up, simple to use, has a mobile interface for captcha solving on the go, and it pays. It also has a modest $0.25 minimum cashout requirement, which you may meet on a daily basis if you work long enough.

Before you begin, you must do an unpaid captcha solving course, which is really very beneficial.

2. Kolotibablo (Kolotibablo) (Runner Up)

Kolotibablo website homepage preview

  • Location(s): All around the world
  • Minimum age is 18 years old.
  • Web and Android are the two platforms available.
  • Avg. earning potential per 1,000 captchas: $0.45-$1
  • Captchas and referrals are two ways to make money.
  • PayPal, Payza, Walletone, OKpay, and Bitcoin are all accepted as payment methods.
  • $1 is the minimum payment.
  • Average payment time: N/A
  • Kolotibablo.com has further information. (Swift Salary has not yet completed an official evaluation.)

If you want to be paid to solve captchas, Kolotibablo is the next best choice after 2Captcha. We haven’t done a comprehensive evaluation, so proceed with care, but Kolotibablo seems to be legitimate based on some quick research and a peek around the site.

However, the site seems to be out of current, and the Facebook page does not appear to be updated on a regular basis. When I went to view the privacy policy, I was unable to do so, which is a bit of a red flag.

This site also has a mobile app for Android phones (but it hasn’t received the finest ratings).

Warning: All of the extra captcha typing jobs listed below seem to be incredibly shady in my view, but I’m adding them since others have reported them as legitimate online. Take it as a word of warning for the future. (Please email us if you’ve utilized any of these sites and would want to add to the data and information offered here!)

MegaTypers are the third group.

MegaTypers website homepage preview

  • Location(s): All around the world
  • Age Requirement: N/A
  • Web-based platforms
  • Avg. earning potential per 1,000 captchas: $0.45-$1
  • Captchas and referrals are two ways to make money.
  • PayPal, Western Union, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are some of the payment methods available.
  • The minimum payment is $3.
  • Average payment time: N/A
  • MegaTypers.com has further information. (Swift Salary has not yet completed an official evaluation.)

MegaTypers has a shady appearance. There is no SSL. There is no such thing as a privacy policy or terms and conditions. Several individuals have complained that they were banned for “deliberately typing captchas incorrectly” despite having previously excellent accuracy ratings. The list could go on and on.

Overall, although some web reviews claim that this site is legitimate, I’m not sure how trustworthy it is. In addition, you’ll need an invite code to join up here. You should be able to locate one with a fast Google search.

4. Typers (ProTypers)

ProTypers website homepage preview

  • Location(s): All around the world
  • Age Requirement: N/A
  • Web-based platforms
  • Avg. earning potential per 1,000 captchas: $0.45-$1.50
  • Captchas and referrals are two ways to make money.
  • PayPal, Western Union, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are some of the payment methods available.
  • The minimum payment is $3.
  • Average payment time: N/A
  • ProTypers.com has further information. (Swift Salary has not yet completed an official evaluation.)

ProTypers is almost an identical replica of MegaTypers, which I found odd. The main distinction is that ProTypers does not need an invite code to join.

Why would someone construct two sites that appear similar and serve the same purpose? That’s something I honestly can’t figure out. Perhaps to entice additional employees?

Captcha typers are number five.

Captcha Typers website homepage preview

  • Location(s): All around the world
  • Age Requirement: N/A
  • Web-based platforms
  • Average earnings per 1,000 captchas: $1
  • Captchas and referrals are two ways to make money.
  • Perfect Money, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Vietnam Bank, and Indian Bank are some of the payment methods available.
  • $1 is the minimum payment.
  • Average payment time: N/A
  • CaptchaTypers.com has further information. (Swift Salary has not yet completed an official evaluation.)

Captcha Typers is another dubious-looking website, with no SSL certificate, no privacy policy or terms and conditions pages, and a link to a Facebook page that no longer exists (perhaps because it was blocked). It seems that the website hasn’t been updated in a long time.

All of this being said, this site has been reported as legitimate by several people online, which is why we’ve included it here.

Freelance Sites (added bonus)

Other than signing up for the captcha entry tasks listed above, freelancing websites are a good place to look for captcha employment. Examples:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru

Upwork captcha solving job posting

Captcha entry jobs aren’t popular on these sites, but they do pop up now and again (Upwork job posting example pictured above).

To boost your chances of landing a project, set up job alerts on a number of freelancing sites.

Fiverr captcha solving gigs

You may also set up a gig on Fiverr to provide captcha solving services. I’ve seen a few of them on there with reviews (as shown above), indicating that individuals have used their services.

How to Make More Money Solving Captchas

  • Sign up for a number of different websites. Both 2Captcha and Kolotibablo come highly recommended. There is a brief period of time between captchas when you must wait to be allocated a new captcha to solve, but if you keep both sites open, you should be able to shorten this time and boost your average hourly rate. (Disclaimer: I have not personally tested this.)
  • Different times should be tested. Rates per captcha will fluctuate based on captcha solving demand and the amount of online employees. You may be able to earn more money if you can figure out when fewer people are online and work during those hours.
  • Concentrate on precision. When it comes to solving captchas, precision is crucial. The more precise you are, the more work you’ll be able to get and the higher your pay will be.

Money-Making Opportunities That Aren’t Traditional

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, I strongly advise you to visit the Hustle Finder. It’s a free application that lets you quickly sort and filter money-making options so you can discover the best fit for you.

Aside from that, here are some more options to consider:

  • Micro jobs are brief, straightforward paid chores that practically anybody can do. Captcha input is a tiny job, but there are plenty of others that pay more!
  • GPT sites and apps – GPT sites and apps provide a range of ways to make money, such as surveys, app download offers, paid search, and more. Less dependable, yet enough for occasional additional money.
  • Paid surveys – If you like doing surveys, joining a few select survey panels may significantly boost your earnings.
  • Jobs in transcription – Captcha typing jobs aren’t quite the same as transcription jobs, but they’re close! As a transcriptionist, you’ll be translating audio to text, which is a tiresome task for some but exciting for others.

Last Thoughts

Captcha entry jobs have existed for quite some time. When we look at them in 2021, it’s clear that the captcha-solving sector is dwindling. Many of the possibilities listed above have out-of-date websites, and the income for captcha solving activities has been steadily declining.

Captchas are expected to be phased out entirely in the future as AI becomes smarter and individuals get better at combating bots. There are several automated captcha solutions available. Someone will eventually develop a better way to battle bots, and captcha typing jobs will become obsolete.

What’s the bottom line?

Expect these employment to be unreliable revenue sources today and in the future.

Captcha entry jobs (can you really get paid to solve captchas?)

The “captcha typing job for mobile” is a service that allows people to solve captchas for money. This can be done by either using the computer or through an app on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best captcha to earn money?

A: The best captcha to earn money is the Captcha that offers 1000 points for completing it.

Can you earn money by solving captcha?

A: Yes. I will provide you with a list of websites that offer this service for free.

How can I make money online by typing captcha?

A: The best way to make money online is through passive income. Meaning a business model where you dont have to do anything, but generate income from it. One example of this would be typing captchas for websites or providing other services on the internet for small price points and making your money off that instead of directly selling products

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