Apex Focus Group Review: Is It Legit?

Apex claims to be the best market research firm for investment opportunities, but there are many complaints about their business practices. This article will answer if Apex is a legitimate company or not with the testimonies of former customers and workers.

Apex Group is a company that offers an online platform for creating, managing and analyzing surveys. It has been around since 2009, but it’s not clear if the company is actually legit or not.

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One of the finest methods to generate additional money fast is to participate in focus groups. I’ve taken part in a lot of focus groups, and since I had such a positive experience with them, I constantly suggest them to my readers and friends.

I once took part in a focus group where I was paid to provide my opinion on several diapers. After the focus group was over, I was paid $250 for 2 hours of my time. 

So, I just conducted research on Apex Focus Group, one of the most well-known focus groups. While focus groups are a terrific way to earn money on the side, you should always make sure that the ones you join up for are worthwhile. 

So, in this essay, I’ll look into Apex Focus Group, one of the most often utilized focus group organizations. We’ll look at if they’re genuine and whether it’s worth your time to join up right now. 

What Is Apex Focus Group and How Does It Work? 

Apex Focus Group

Apex Focus Group can assist you in locating the most effective focus groups in your region. They link people interested in participating in focus groups with firms that provide real focus group opportunities. As a result, Apex Focus Group’s experts collaborate with some of the most reputable market research businesses.

They also give advice on how to identify and join clinical trials and survey panels, both of which pay well. 

The following is a list of the market research services they now provide.

  • Apex Focus Group has worked with practically every market research organization in the United States. There are now over 1000 legitimate focus group opportunities available all around the globe. 
  • Clinical Trials: They make it possible for anyone to participate in clinical research studies all around the globe. 
  • Survey Panels: You may use Survey Panels to try out new items before they are released to the general public or to provide feedback on ones you currently use.

When you join up for Apex Focus Group, like other paid survey or focus group websites, you’ll be asked a series of questions to assist them locate the greatest chances for you. These questions also aid them in determining which focus group or panel research they should give you every day via email.

Is Apex Focus Group a genuine company?

With minimal internet knowledge, the short answer is Yes, Apex Focus Group is authentic and not a scam, however many individuals who have participated in a study with them claim it isn’t always worth the effort. Because this focus group is still relatively new, it does not have a Better Business Bureau rating, which might provide more information into whether this is the best choice. 

They now have a 2.9 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor from various people who have worked with the focus group. According to my study, some people had a positive experience with the Apex Focus group, while others claim that working with them was not worth the time or effort. As a result, it’s safe to state that both parties have entirely slipped the votes.

Furthermore, the most prevalent issue I’ve noticed in Glassdoor reviews is that most individuals don’t qualify for the various panels and focus groups, which isn’t a major red flag but might be aggravating to some.

On Glassdoor, I read one reviewer who stated he applied to seven to eight different studies and was selected for one, which was a fantastic experience for them. As a result, it seems that you may need to apply to many panels or focus groups before getting one. 

While Apex Focus Group is a legitimate company, you should do extra research to see whether it is the best match for you. While many individuals have said that it is not a scam, many have also stated that they were not chosen for numerous studies.

As a result, it could be a good idea to keep your choices open and explore for other methods to earn money, such as viewing movies on Swagbucks or doing video surveys on Mindswarms. Click here to read Apex Focus Group reviews on Glassdoor.

Is Apex Focus Group a Good Company to Work For?

According to a Glassdoor reviewer, Apex Focus Group provided a positive overall experience, however they didn’t qualify for many studies before obtaining their first one.

Given that the majority of individuals do not qualify for many studies, I wouldn’t consider Apex Focus Group to be a full-time job, but rather a side business that you may add to your list to potentially earn money each month. 


What Is an Apex Focus Group and How Does It Work? 

Apex Focus Group

Apex Focus Group has a page on their website with a list of various survey panels, clinical research, and focus groups options. When you join Apex Focus Group, you receive access to all of the various research as well as the higher-paying focus group studies. 

On the studies page, you’ll find information on the study’s topic, the firm, the payment, the study’s location, and the study’s age. This will give you a better sense of the kinds of studies you may apply for and which ones interest you. When you choose a study, you’ll be asked questions to check whether you’re eligible. 

How much does Apex Focus Group pay its employees?

While it seems that most studies and panels on this website are more difficult to qualify for, the payments appear to be on the higher end. 

Various studies ranging from $50 to $500+ if approved may be found on their sign-up website. According to a Glassdoor reviewer, he got approved into a clinical research that paid $1200. He, like the majority of others, indicated that he applied for multiple studies before securing one, but that the payoff was well worth the wait. 

So, although this isn’t going to make you wealthy, it may be a useful side employment to add to your list to help pay for things like dining out or petrol.

Cons and Advantages of Apex Focus Groups

On the Glassdoor website, the greatest drawbacks of Apex Focus Group are listed below.

  • The most significant disadvantage is that most individuals do not get accepted for many research using Apex Focus Group. As a result, you may only be admitted into one or two studies for the whole academic year. 
  • Many Emails Per Day: Apex Focus Group sends out multiple emails per day regarding research and panel possibilities. While this may keep you informed, receiving so many emails in one day might be stressful. So, if you want to join Apex Focus Group, make a special email for this sort of side hustle since they will send numerous emails each day, which may seem to be spam.
  • Customer Service & Tech Support Are Difficult To Reach: Another major disadvantage is the difficulty in contacting customer service and tech support. According to one participant, it took an average of 2 to 3 hours for someone to respond to his request for assistance through email.
  • When I conduct research on a business, I go for the firm’s social media profile to see if there are any further reviews regarding the service. At this moment, Apex Focus Groups does not have a social networking presence.

While there are legitimate disadvantages to Apex Focus Group, here are some of the disadvantages I’ve discovered from Glassdoor participants. 

  • They collaborate with these fantastic companies: Another advantage is that the firms with whom they collaborate are reputable and enjoyable to deal with. Focus Pointe Global, for example, is a highly rated focus group business that is mentioned on the Apex Focus Group website as one of the companies. 
  • The majority of participants believe that the time spent on a study is worth the money. 

Apex Focus Group: Is It a Scam?

From the disadvantages and evaluations, it’s easy to understand why someone may be hesitant to join Apex Focus Group. 

However, many reviews continue to praise Apex Focus Group, stating that they had a nice overall experience with the organization and that the money is excellent once approved into a research. 

If you’re interested in working with Apex Focus Group to supplement your income, I suggest reading the reviews on Glassdoor and visiting the official Apex Focus Group website. 

This will provide you some insight into whether or not this side hustle is a suitable match for you. Keep in mind that although the number of chances seems to be limited, if accepted into a research, the remuneration appears to be adequate.

What Are Some Alternatives to Apex Focus Groups?


Mindswarms is a legitimate market research firm that compensates participants for completing video surveys on a variety of subjects and goods. When you are accepted for a Mindswarm research, you will be asked to film a video of your responses. Once you’ve done your recording, post it to the Mindswarm platform for assessment. If it’s approved, you’ll get paid between $50 and $100 through PayPal. Below is a payout from Mindswarm for a grocery video survey I completed.


I was personally accepted into Mindswarms’ studies and received payment through PayPal within 24 hours. This research site is one of my favorites since they offer interesting subjects and I’ve been accepted into a number of studies since joining up. If you don’t mind revealing your face on camera internet, I strongly suggest them.

Interviews with users 

Fast access to high-quality participants, according to user interviews, is the key to insight and discovery. You’ll discover a list of paid research projects on their website that you can apply for and be paid for. They’ll send you additional research as they become available when you sign up.


If you’re searching for a real method to earn money on the road, Swagbucks is a great place to start. You may earn money by watching videos, doing surveys, signing up for offers, and more on the Swagbucks website. When you accomplish the activities, you will get “Swagbucks” as a reward. One dollar is equivalent to 100 points. So, if you have 500,000 points, you will get $5,000. These points may be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards to stores like Walmart, Target, and Starbucks, among others. 

Since joining Swagbucks a few years ago, I’ve earned over 700,000 points, which is the equivalent of $7,000 in cash.


I should also mention that I received my gift card or PayPal money from Swagbucks within 7 days of redeeming the points, and their customer service is excellent. 

 I suggest introducing friends to the site or using Swagbucks as your search engine if you want to earn the maximum points on the site. If you’re searching for a quick way to earn money on the fly, I definitely suggest Swagbucks. Sign up for a free $10 bonus by clicking here. 


Individuals may earn money by participating in research surveys using the Respondent platform. Professionals in sectors such as technology, business, software development, sales, and others are especially sought. 

To get started, create an account and then authenticate it using your work email. Then, from the list of available studies, apply for the ones that match your background.

They will also offer you research findings that match your profile by email, therefore I suggest setting up a second email account for this site. 

When you are requested to participate in a study, you will be able to choose a time that is convenient for you. After that, you will be compensated for your time through PayPal. You may also get money by introducing your relatives and friends to the site. 

Is it Safe to Participate in Focus Groups?

Yes, paid focus groups are a fully safe and legal method to supplement your income. In reality, many focus groups pay well for your feedback on various goods and services.

Many market research firms rely on focus groups to assist them understand what their clients want and need from various goods.

Keep in mind that although many focus groups are legitimate, there are a few that aren’t, so do your homework and look up reviews for each one you’re interested in. 

What Makes People Attend Focus Groups?

Focus groups are often used to obtain data and views on a variety of subjects and goods. Focus groups may help firms get a sense of what consumers are thinking about a product or issue right now. This data aids those same businesses in developing items that are appropriate for their target market.

Furthermore, focus groups are a terrific method to rapidly earn additional money in exchange for your feedback. 

Conclusions on the Apex Focus Group

Despite the fact that Apex Focus Group has a lot of negative evaluations, it is fair to state that if you are approved into a research, the money is excellent. We may also infer that, although the money for certain studies is high, being picked for an opportunity might take a long time, so you may have to wait longer than expected. 

Apex Focus Group isn’t a fraud, and several participants have praised the organization, but with such a low study acceptance rate, it may not be worth the time and effort for some. So, if you’re not in desperate need of cash right now, you may add this side hustle to your list as a backup or just as a side employment.

You might also check at other legitimate focus group sites like Mindswarms, Respondent, and UserInterview to supplement your income. Are you familiar with Apex Focus Group? If so, how did you find it? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. 


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Apex Focus Group is a company that offers focus groups in your local area. They are not the cheapest option, but they offer professional and reliable services. The company has been around for 10 years and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Reference: apex focus group near me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex focus group reputable?

A: They are not considered a reliable survey company.

Are Focus Group jobs legitimate?

A: Yes, there are many companies that hire focus groups to test new products.

Do focus groups actually pay?

A: Focus groups are usually paid a flat fee for the time it takes to complete.

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