How to Make Money Online By Typing Names? [Make $300+ easily]

One of the easiest ways to make money online is typing in names. It takes almost no time, and it’s an easy way to earn some cash when you’re bored! You will be paid by paypal or check with your earnings each month after you’ve made over $100.

The “squadhelp” is a website that will give you the opportunity to make money by typing names. It’s very simple and easy to use, but it does take time to make money.

How to Make Money Typing Names on the Internet

Are you trying to figure out how to generate money online? Then look no further – we’ll show you how to get money typing names online.

Typing names is a terrific way to work from home and make some additional money.

This task is yours to accomplish anytime and whenever you wish! It’s adaptable and simple to use. It’s also entertaining!

If the prospect of earning money appeals to you, join up now and begin inputting names right away.

Let’s look at how to make $300 simply inputting names on the internet.

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Make money typing names online – video


How can I earn money typing names on the internet?

To begin with, you may make money online simply inputting genuine names.

That being stated, we’ll go through four side-hustle opportunities that pay you to write names, one of which is provided by an internet firm called Squadhelp.

Over 70,000 creatives from across the globe make up Squadhelp’s online community, which has already helped over 14,000 firms and entrepreneurs develop names, logos, and slogans for their enterprises.

There are three methods to make money using them. They are as follows:

  • Entering competitions to name the company
  • Names, logos, and other trademarks are for sale.
  • Referral or affiliate

Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

What exactly is Squadhelp?

Squahelp is a firm that assists other companies come up with brand names, logos, and slogans. They’re a crowdsourcing platform, which means you may join as a creative and contribute to helping companies.

The amount of money you can earn on Squadhelp is determined by how many competitions you participate, how much the prize money is, how many you win, and whether or not you use the Marketplace to sell.

Squadhelp is by far the biggest name platform on the planet, with over 200,000 creatives and 30,000 successful naming projects.

Find out how Squadhelp works here.


Is Squadhelp a real company?

Yes, this firm is completely legitimate.

Entrepreneur, Inc., Huffington Post, and Business Insider have all highlighted them.

If you look at TrustPilot, you’ll see that they have a 4.6 rating, indicating that they’re trustworthy.


Several testimonials may also be found here:

Here are a handful of them-


I also went to Trustpilot to look at companies’ naming experiences, and the most of them were excellent.

Here are a few to get you started —


Is it possible to make $300 by inputting names on Squadhelp?

Yes, Squadhelp allows you to earn money.

It depends on how many competitions you participate and win, as well as if you use the Marketplace to promote yourself.


IMD is a Tier A creative who has made over $30k with Squadhelp, as you can see.

However, in order to be successful on Squadhelp and make a decent living typing names, you’ll need to come up with names that are really unique and innovative.

You have a better chance of winning if you enter more competitions.

The more money you earn on Squadhelp, the higher the reward money is.

However, entering names is just one method to generate money online.

You may also sell logos, names, and other items on their marketplace and suggest it to friends to earn affiliate or referral commissions.

How can I join Squadhelp and start entering names for money?

Click here to establish an account with Squadhelp and start entering names for money.

You may assist Squadhelp and earn money by inputting names in one of three ways: 

  1. Contests for naming 
  2. Competitions for logo design 
  3. In our Marketplace, you may sell your domains.

Start earning $300 by inputting names in naming contests.

After you’ve paid for your membership, you’ll have access to a few naming projects.

You may find them by hovering your cursor over Active Contests and then clicking Assigned To Me.

You should take part in all of them, according to Squadhelp.

If your name recommendations are well-received in the initial projects, you’ll be able to participate in other competitions until you get complete access to the platform!

We strongly advise that you read Squadhelp’s Naming Guide for Creatives before getting started. 

Check out this page for information on how to enter a naming contest.


Begin with logo and design competitions.

If you want to work as a designer with Squadhelp, give us a link to your portfolio or examples of your work to [email protected] and we’ll start the account evaluation process.

Become a member of the Squadhelp Domain Marketplace now. 

Squadhelp’s domain marketplace is a location where you can sell your work, such as branding, names, and logos.

The greatest part is that, other from the typical selling commission, Squadhelp does not charge any fees for listing. There are no hidden costs, such as listing fees, logo design fees, appraisal fees, or appraisal fees.

To submit a domain to the Squadhelp Domain Marketplace, you have two options:

  • Option 1 – Domain Names You Already Own: Domain owners may post their domains for sale on the Squadhelp Marketplace and sell them to prospective purchasers.
  • Option 2 – Available Names You Don’t Already Have: You may suggest available domains you’ve already entered in Squadhelp naming competitions. Squadhelp will pay for domain registration and advertise them for sale on your behalf if you are accepted. 

furthermore, watch the video to learn how to participate in their marketplace.


On Squadhelp, how do you earn money?

Participate in competitions

When you first join up, you are given a few competitions to evaluate your overall submission quality.

Additional competitions will be allocated to you based on the quality of your contributions.

Your account will be promoted to “Full Access” if you have gotten enough good ratings on your entries, allowing you to participate in any open competitions.

The majority of Squadhelp competitions run a week, with winners earning between $100 and $300 every contest.

You will have the opportunity to participate in and earn money online by inputting names in the competitions listed below.

  • Only naming
  • Taglines and Naming
  • Only a tagline
  • Design & Logo

Go to the competitions menu and pick Active Contests if you’re a new creative, which I’m sure you are.

Play around with the filters — you may sort by industry, company type, publication date, and so forth.


You may read a little about the competitions on the right.

For the most part, you’ll be required to sign an NDA, or non-disclosure agreement.

This is to safeguard information about the brand, business, and name, among other things.

You may just sign on since it is a very typical operation.

Some of these competitions are only open to Tier A creatives, so keep that in mind.

Only a few creatives who have established a persistent trend of high-quality contributions are eligible for this position. 

That is to say, make sure you provide high-quality names, logos, and taglines, among other things. Give it some attention to ensure that it adheres to the brand’s requirements and spirit.

Tier A status may be obtained in one of four ways: 

  • Method 1: If you’ve won at least one contest in the recent six months and have a percentile score of 80 percent or above (based on CH ratings).
  • Method 2: If you’ve won at least three games in the past six months and have a percentile score of 60 percent or above (based on CH ratings).
  • Method 3: If you’ve been a member of Squadhelp for at least 30 days and have an 85 percentile score or above.
  • Method 4: If you have 20 or more Squadhelp victories throughout your lifetime. 

As a result, ensure that your contributions are of high quality and that companies accept and grade them favorably.

Businesses will categorize your suggestions as:

  • Thank you, but no. 
  • You are on the correct track. 
  • Like it.
  • Love it.
  • Shortlisted. 

The bottom three alternatives are where you want to be. If the majority of your first submissions are tagged as “love it” or “shortlisted,” you have a high chance of winning and advancing to Tier A creative status.

To sell, go to the Marketplace.

Apart from the customary selling commission, Squadhelp does not charge any fees.

There are no hidden costs, such as listing fees, logo design fees, appraisal fees, or appraisal fees.

Before 2020, the usual commission paid by Squadhelp for Seller-owned domains varies from 35 percent to 15 percent of the selling price.

However, after 2020, the fee percentage is depending on the selling price of the name for Seller owned Domains added to the Marketplace after September 1, 2020.

More information about commissions and other benefits may be found on this page. 

On this marketplace, you can easily earn $1000+ every domain sale. It’s true.

Earnings from affiliates or referrals

You may make money via their referral program in addition to inputting names online.

  1. $30 if someone joins up and starts a contest.
  2. When someone joins Squadhelp and purchases a domain in the Marketplace – $35  
  3. When a friend or family member creates a Squadhelp account, you may earn points.

How can I get money typing names on Squadhelp?

You’ll need to set up your Paypal account in order to get paid for any competitions you win or names you sell.

You will be required to complete a W9 or W8-BEN form.

Taxes must be paid on your profits, and they may also want more evidence to validate your account.

Is it certain that I will win money if I enter contests?

Participating in competitions does not ensure that you will win cash prizes.

Only the contest winner receives a monetary prize.

How much money can I make if I win a competition?

Typing names online might earn you $300. It’s 100 percent genuine!

The majority of their events feature prize amounts ranging from $100 to $300. Some competitions may have a greater prize pool.

What are any additional methods to get money inputting names online?

Apart from Squadhelp, where you may earn money by inputting your name, you can also perform the following:

Entering Data:

You may anticipate to deal with data and figures as a data entry clerk, as well as the process of finding the data.

Even though each project or data entry work is unique, there are certain fundamental abilities that will assist you in succeeding.

For instance, computer abilities, word processing, typing, and so on.

Here you can discover data entry jobs as well as data entry fundamentals.


Transcription is a terrific method to get money by listening to audio recordings and typing down names and information.

For this employment, you’ll need decent English abilities, as well as exceptional hearing since you’ll be transcribing what you hear into written form.

Do you want to work as a freelance transcriptionist? GET THIS FREE GENERAL TRANSCRIPTION TRAINING RIGHT NOW!


Fiverr, Microworkers, Amazon Turk, and other microtasking companies pay you to input names on the internet or do other little jobs like data entry.

More information about micro tasks may be found here.

Final Thoughts on Typing Names for Money Online

Making money online by entering names is a difficult task that will need time and effort to do.

Always produce high-quality submissions that suit corporate objectives and be eager to collaborate with them.

We wish you the best of success in your quest to make money typing names online!

Making Money by Typing Names on the Internet


The “earn money by typing words philippines” is a website that allows you to type names and get paid for it. The site pays $300+ per month for just typing names.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make 300 dollars a day online?

A: You can make 300 dollars a day online with surveys.

How can I earn real money by typing?

A: Typing is a form of work with a potential market rate. You can use websites such as TaskRabbit or Craigslist to find outsourced opportunities in typing for money.

How can I make money from my name?

A: If you have a name that is very popular, it should be possible to get paid from companies who would want to use that name. Some other ways are making custom avatar clothing or apps for your name.

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