How To Make Money While You Sleep? (#1 makes me $5000/mo passively)

Passive income is the key to achieving financial freedom. Discover how you can earn money while you sleep by following these simple steps! It’s not easy, but it’s highly possible with this system.

The “how to make money while you sleep 2021” is a blog post that explains how the author, who has been making passive income for years.

How to Earn Money While Sleeping

Are you looking for a way to earn money while you sleep?

It’s a typical desire to make money while sleeping. 

True, some individuals may get money by doing nothing, but the majority of us have to work for our money. This is the correct blog article about ways to get money while sleeping if you’re seeking for a strategy to make extra money without working too hard!

The solution we’ve provided will teach you how to begin generating passive money right now.

You’ll be able to spend more time with friends and family and less time at your 9-5 job.

This article was created by a subject matter expert who understands what it takes to thrive online as a freelancer or small company owner!

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What is the definition of passive income?

Passive income is money earned without having to labor for it every day.

Develop an asset that generates its own revenue flow, such as a blog, website, YouTube channel, or Instagram account, to earn passive income.

Passive income is fantastic since it can be scaled up to fit your lifestyle and schedule.

This is why so many individuals who wish to achieve a better work-life balance fantasize of making money while sleeping.

PS: If you want to strike a work-life balance, check out these stay-at-home mom jobs, finest work-from-home gigs, and high-paying side hustles.

Which is better: passive or active income?

Passive and active income are not intrinsically superior to one another; nonetheless, you must determine which is best for you.

The best option is to combine the two.

My Favourite Way to Make Money While You Sleep

1. Get a blog going — 


Starting a blog is one of the most effective methods to generate passive income.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to succeed, but improving your writing abilities can assist you tremendously. This is due to the fact that you will be required to provide material on a frequent basis.

To attract visitors to your website, you’ll also need to learn about social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Read this article to learn how to attract traffic to a new blog.

Now – Before you start, you must understand how to generate money with a blog.

There are three distinct approaches you may take:

Ads – Ads are shown on your blog, and every time someone clicks on them, you earn money. Find Adsense alternatives that pay well for advertisements.

Affiliate marketing is when you make recommendations for other people’s items in return for a share of the transaction. Check out this article to discover how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Email marketing – Building your own email list and then sending them targeted emails about relevant subjects or items is how you make money with this method. Take a look at this free lesson on how to make an appealing lead magnet.

Selling digital things on your blog is the last approach to generate money from your blog.

It’s not difficult to continue earning money while you sleep after your site is up and running.

Prepare your blog for more visitors – It’s an EXTREMELY LOW-COST beginner’s lesson on how to generate money with a blog. It explains how to create a blog, utilize Pinterest, and use SEO tactics. I was able to rank on Google’s first page using her advice. My first revenue report may be seen here.

2. Create your own YouTube channel. 

You can create a YouTube channel that people will watch if you have amazing material.

And if your work is excellent enough, you may be paid handsomely via affiliate commissions, brand sponsorships, and Ads through the Youtube Partner Program one day.   

I just become a Youtube partner and earned $100 in one month. My YouTube channel may be found here.

Find out how much money you can make on YouTube by clicking here.

3. Offer a digital course or booklet for sale.

Make a digital offering that your target audience would like.

It doesn’t have to be a book or an ebook, but it should have instructions for others to follow.

On sites like,, and, you may build an online course.

You may also sell an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iTunes, and other similar sites.  

You may sell it on your own or via a company that takes a fee but advertises it for you.

Affiliate Marketing (#4)

Affiliate marketing is something I’m quite fond of.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing in which businesses compensate one another for the sales or leads created as a result of their joint efforts.

When someone purchases anything via your affiliate link, you get paid a commission without your clients having to pay anything more.

You may earn commissions while also demonstrating your knowledge by posting goods you like on your blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

People are more likely to become lifelong consumers once they recognize the value of these items.

Here’s where you can learn about affiliate marketing.

Read this article to learn how to make money on Pinterest – EARN UP TO $250+ PER DAY.

5. Use of Influencers

Influencer marketing is something I’m a big fan of, and you should be too if you want to earn money while you sleep.

Influencers aren’t always famous; they’re folks who have created an internet following and are actively engaged with it.

You may profit from your influence in a variety of ways, including affiliate links, discounts, referral programs, paid promotions, and sponsored content.

Discover your step-by-step plan for making Instagram work for you.

Selling and Buying are two ways to gain money while sleeping.

6. Domains for Sale and Purchase


Buying and selling domains is a way to gain money.

.com domain names are no longer the only option. In fact, you have the option of purchasing a domain name with any extension (.blog, .xyz, .ca etc.).

It will have worth as long as people search for the keywords in your domain name.

To earn money this manner, you must purchase the domain name for a lesser price and then sell it for a higher one.

You may generate passive income from your domains for the rest of your life if you acquire them in high-demand keywords.

Read more about How to Make Money Typing Names Online. [Easily make $300+]

7. Buy and Sell Blogs

This is another technique to earn money while sleeping without having to work too hard.

If you have a blog or website that no longer meets your needs, you may sell it and recoup all of the money you spent on its creation and upkeep.

You won’t have to worry about anything after it’s sold, and your earnings is guaranteed.

This market will not run dry anytime soon since people are continually wanting to purchase fresh blogs.

The same is true if you want to sell your blog or website; there are thousands of people prepared to pay big money to take it off your hands.

You may also create a blog, get reasonable traffic to it, start producing money, and then sell it for 45 times its current value.

Last year, I launched a specialized site that had around 700 visitors per month from Google. I was able to sell it for $1600 this year after investing just $500 on it.

Isn’t it fantastic? Also, keep in mind that this website did not earn any money.

Dropshipping is the eighth option.

Dropshipping is a fantastic method to earn money while sleeping.

It works by linking your store with suppliers, allowing you to simply order things from them and sell them on your website.

You don’t need to worry about inventory or logistics since the suppliers will ship your orders for you.

Once you’ve found a solid supplier, you may keep doing business with them for years to come and make a lot of money.

9. Make money on Etsy

On, you may sell your things and earn a commission on each sale.

If you want to start making handcrafted things, garments, or any other sort of art, here is a terrific place to start.

Etsy charges a fee of 20 cents each listing and 3.5 percent of all sales made on their site.

More information about selling on Etsy may be found here.

10. Make a profit on eBay

Ebay is a fantastic platform for online goods sales.

You can create an account in minutes, create a listing, and then sit back and watch the money pour in.

You may sell anything on Ebay as long as people search for the kind of goods you’re presenting.

People are more inclined to make numerous purchases from you if your product is in demand and has a competitive pricing.

Check out this free webinar on how to profitably sell items on eBay.

Read: The best eBay products to flip (and how to get started reselling for profit)

11. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Another option to generate money while sleeping is via Amazon FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon.

You may sell your items on Amazon and pay Amazon to store and transport them on your behalf.

So all you have to do now is concentrate on promoting your goods.

You may learn more about it by clicking here.

12. Use stock picture websites to sell your photos.

Stock picture websites are a good place to sell your photos.

These are ideal for photographers, scrapbookers, and bloggers with a knack for capturing beautiful images.

You just upload the images you wish to sell online, select your pricing per photo (or theme), and wait for buyers.

It may not be the most profitable way to generate money while sleeping, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you’re searching for a new source of passive income.

Did you know that you may earn money by selling images of yourself or your feet?

13. Make money by selling your own books

If you’ve written and published a book, you may sell it on Amazon and receive royalties on each sale.

If your book is doing well and people want to buy copies, this is a simple method to make money.

You may also become a reseller by packaging and reselling books on Amazon FBA.

Aside from that, you may use applications like Decluttr to sell your old books.

14. Make money by flipping items.

You may purchase items at a minimal cost and profitably sell them online.

This is another another option to earn money while sleeping on the internet.

Start with minor items such as secondhand books, clothing, and old toys, and then sell them on Decluttr or eBay.

If you repeat this process often enough, you will be able to purchase larger stuff such as computers, phones, and other uncommon items.

You start selling them on eBay for a profit.

Here’s where you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to flip a coin.

Apps and Websites to Make Money While You Sleep

1636694319_745_How-To-Make-Money-While-You-Sleep-1-makes-meUnsplash photo by Charisse Kenion

Swagbucks (#15)

Swagbucks is a popular rewards site where you can earn points for watching videos, playing games, and filling out surveys.

These points are known as ‘Swagbucks,’ and they may be exchanged for gift cards or cash.

If you have the time, this is a simple method to earn money while you sleep.

16. Dollars in Your Inbox 

Inbox Dollars is a survey site where you may earn money by doing surveys, watching movies, and playing games.

You won’t be able to support yourself full-time, but you can make a few hundred bucks each month doing nothing.

Vindale Research is number seventeen. 

Another site where you may earn points by doing surveys, reading emails, and even viewing movies is Vindale Research.

You may exchange your points for money or other prizes.

Pinecone Research, no. 18 

Pinecone is comparable to Vindale, but pays much more.

The paid survey sites, on the other hand, will take longer since they ask you more detailed questions.

You won’t make a lot of money with these sites, but it’s a simple method to supplement your monthly profits with another source of passive income.

19. Survey Addict 

Among all the survey sites, Survey Junkie is the finest.

It pays more since it is a simple method to earn money while sleeping.

You may do surveys on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any time of day. You may even be able to gain additional points by watching movies or playing games!

Opinion Outpost (n.d.) (n.d.) (n. 

Another survey site with cash incentives is Opinion Outpost.

Because it enables individuals from all around the globe to register and complete surveys, it’s one of the finest methods to earn money while you sleep.

You may not get large sums of money every month, but even little amounts will pile up in your bank account.

Online Harris Poll No. 21 

Harris Poll Online has been around for a long time and is the greatest of all survey sites since it pays more than the others.

You may join up and utilize their site to do surveys and earn points that can later be exchanged for cash.

These are just a few of the simplest methods to earn money while sleeping.

Other Ways to Make Money While You Sleep


22. Use Airbnb to rent out your space.

If you have a spare room with an additional bed, you may make money by renting it out to travelers.

Place a letter with the words “Room for Rent” and a picture of a bed on your door, along with the amount you want each night.

This is perhaps the simplest method of earning money from home.

23. Rent out your automobile

If you have a spare automobile, you may rent it out to folks who need one during their travels.

Some applications enable you to supplement your income by renting out your automobile while you are not using it. You may simply make money by setting your own rates.

This is another another simple technique to earn money while sleeping.

24. Make money by selling PLR (Private Label Rights) items.

You may generate a passive income by creating a website and selling PLR items.

People will pay you for the privilege to utilize your items without acknowledging you as the creator.

This is a different approach to earn money from home.

25. Sell ad space on a vehicle

If you don’t mind having your automobile marketed on, you may make money by selling advertising space.

This is one of the most straightforward methods to earn money while sleeping or driving.

Get paid to get tattoos (number 26).

You may get money by being paid to get a tattoo from a corporation searching for tattooed individuals.

This isn’t the most traditional method to earn money while sleeping, but if you’re interested in being a part of a marketing effort, it may be a fun concept.

Sell your ideas to firms who want to acquire them.

You may market your fantastic ideas to firms who are seeking for new methods to strengthen their brands if you have any.

This is another another option to earn money while sleeping.

Investments are a great way to generate money while you sleep.

28. Stocks and Bonds Investing

Stocks and bonds are by far the most popular investment vehicles.

You choose a firm or sector in which to invest and then wait for its value to increase.

Dividends are paid on certain stocks and bonds, but they aren’t as predictable as other sources of income, such as rental income.

With significant risks, however, comes a big reward if done well.

29. Savings account with a high rate of return

Savings accounts are another option for putting your money to work.

You’ll have to shop around for the greatest interest rates until you find one that works for you, but it’s a terrific way to make some extra cash.

30. Investing in Real Estate

One of the finest methods to get passive income is via real estate.

You can purchase a property and rent it out, or you can sell a house that has a bank debt on it.

This is another another simple approach to earn money without having to work too hard.

Finally, here’s how to generate money while sleeping.

We all fantasize of abandoning our day jobs to pursue more gratifying pursuits, but the reality is much more challenging. The good news is that there is an alternative!

For people who wish to make money without having to work too hard, passive income might be a terrific alternative.

If you’re seeking for work-life balance, your time may not be worth as much as you think, and passive income might help give your dream some wings so you can finally soar away from your cubicle job.

Start immediately with the suggestions in this article on how to create passive income from various sources such as real estate investing or blogging.

how to make money while you sleep


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