Q4 2021 Income Report: How Swift Salary Made $15,589.37

What you need to know about the Q4 2021 Income Report by Swift Salary.

Q4 2021 Income Report: How Swift Salary Made $15,589.37

Another quarter (and year) has come to an end.

If you’re curious about what occurred with Swift Salary in Q4, I’ll break it everything down in this income report, which includes highlights, problems, revenue, spending, future objectives, and more.

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Other income forecasts for 2021:

Highlights from the fourth quarter of 2021

Added New Content

This quarter, I produced more material than in any previous quarter of 2021, which isn’t saying much, but I’m still pleased. Because of all the research that goes into the review/guide pieces, they take a long time to write, but I think I’m now getting to the point where the whole process of releasing them is easy and well-organized.

That will be put to the test in 2022 when I strive to increase outsourcing.

What I really need to do is concentrate more on writing articles that aren’t simply reviews or tutorials. I enjoy them, but I’ve lately been startled by how difficult it can be to rank in the SERPs, which means they don’t always raise income. The major objective is to expand into additional post kinds (how-tos, roundups, etc.) while continuing to provide review/guide articles to build up the Hustle Finder.

Content has been updated.

This isn’t all of the stuff I updated this quarter; this is only one of them.

  • All of the Best Money-Making Ideas for Teens (47+) – After (I believe) a year of languishing, I finally updated this piece of material. I left it alone since it was doing well, but I had a long list of improvements I wanted to make, and I ultimately decided to go for it because I knew I could provide more value. Unfortunately, rankings dropped as a result of the upgrade, but I’m retaining the new features since I believe they improve the article. Maybe Google doesn’t believe it, but I do. It’s easy to become frustrated with SEO.

Other Highlights and Minor Updates

  • I tweaked the homepage a little. The Hustle Finder now has a button link.
  • For Android hustles, I got an Android phone. I still put a lot of the applications I evaluate through their paces, and some of them are only available on the Google Play Store. So I went out and bought a cheap Android phone to test! Recently assisted me with the publishing of the Mistplay Review.
  • I had a first-class publishing position. Because publishing articles takes time, I usually ask for cash when a firm needs something done fast. At that time, they typically cease replying. Well, one firm (Freecash) contacted me this quarter to request that I post a review of their site as soon as possible and re-rank them in my GPT sites roundup. It was great to get some additional money on top of the job I was planning to do anyhow!

Random Thoughts

  • Every day, keep the overall picture in mind. Make an effort to do one task that will make a significant difference.
  • Set a time to begin working and a time to finish. Working from home makes this more challenging, but procrastinating becomes simpler without a set start and finish time. You have a set of hours to fulfill your objectives with a start and finish time, which should make you less prone to squander time. Of course, this isn’t always the case. That’s OK.
  • One step at a time, outsource.
  • When I notice that I’m afraid to accomplish something or that I’m anxious about it, my brain begins to delay. When you notice that emotion, it’s time to deal with it rather than ignore it.

Q4 2021 Blog Income and Expenses

All earnings and expenditures are kept in Canadian dollars. My earnings are based on money that has really arrived in my bank account (aka cash basis accounting).

Breakdown of Earnings: Gross Revenue: $15,589.37

Swift Salary quarterly revenue line chart (Q1 2018 - Q4 2021)

This quarter’s gross revenue was down from the previous quarter, but that was to be anticipated. Last quarter, I received a large affiliate reward from Sweatcoin that I had been saving up for a long time, so it was a little unusual.

With that stated, I’m really pleased with my revenue for the quarter. I broke the $5k/month barrier, which I’ve now done for six months in a row – a major objective of mine.

Revenue Breakdown by Month

Swift Salary monthly revenue (Q4 2021) line chart

  • $3,008.73 in July
  • $2,848.83 in August
  • $12,500.51 in September

Summary of Revenue Sources

  • Earnings from affiliates ($13,372.82):
    • $352.75 Impact Radius
    • $1,399.02 MaxBounty
  • $6,782.13 in advertising:

Breakdown of Expenses: $5,629.65 Spent

Expenses to be aware of include:

  • $334.72 for MailerLite (Upgraded to Annual Plan)
  • $44.90 for Deposit Photos (AppSumo)
  • $496.67 for paid user reviews (for Hustle Finder)
  • $180.02 for a virtual assistant
  • $1,900.10 for freelance writers
  • WP Asset Cleanup Pro is a $43.53 plugin for WordPress.
  • $50.07 for GSuite
  • $47.08 for domains
  • $33.35 for Slack
  • $307.44 for uCalc Pro
  • $160.02 for NeuralText (AppSumo)

* $12,728.42 in total net profit

The following is a breakdown of the traffic: 273,804 pageviews.

Swift Salary Q4 2021 traffic report

I had 273,804 pageviews from 179,750 unique visitors at the conclusion of Q4 2021. This is down 19.06 percent from Q3 2021. I experienced a similar drop about this time last year, so I’m blaming it for a portion of it.

As a result:

As previously stated, after updating my post on Ways for Teens to Make Money, I experienced a significant drop in visitors. A few other articles also saw a drop in traffic, which is the nature of the game when relying on SEO.

Because of the drop in traffic, I’m anticipating a drop in advertising income in the following months.

Summary of Traffic Growth

Swift Salary quarterly pageviews since Q1 2018

My traffic plummeted below Q4 2020 levels in Q4 2021, as seen in the graph above, which is disheartening given that my site now has far more material.

Still, there’s not much I can do but examine which articles are losing traffic, make appropriate modifications, and keep going.

Active Email Subscribers: 6,069

Starting in October 2021, there were 5,361 active subscribers, and by December 2021, there were 6,069. That’s a rise of 13.21%.

As of January 5, 2022, here is my growth chart and averages:

Swift Salary subscriber stats for Q4 2021MailerLite is the source of this information.

And here’s how many people have joined my mailing list since I started:


Saturday Quickie Newsletter

The Swift Saturday email is a weekly newsletter that is sent out on Saturdays (you guessed it). It’s chock-full of financial goodies that I post here and discover all over the internet every week.


  • Money-saving ideas
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Business concepts and tales
  • Money-management suggestions
  • Investing possibilities
  • Updates on the stock market; and more.

You may join up here if you’re interested. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

I altered the template I use to send out the newsletter this quarter to make it simpler to read and distribute. My emails used to get chopped off because they were too large, but that’s no longer the case (for now at least).

Statistics from the Newsletter

The average open rate for the newsletter this quarter was 15.23 percent… That’s a minuscule 1.49 percent increase above the 14.47 percent average from the previous quarter. I’ll gladly accept it.

I still need to start posting the newsletters online so that prospective subscribers may view them before deciding whether or not to join up.

Goals to be followed up on in the fourth quarter of 2021

  • 50 reviews published — This was a lofty target, and I set it before I even had a good outsourcing system in place. Right now, I can easily outsource roughly a quarter or a third of each review. The remaining pieces usually take me 1-2 days to finish. That implies 50 reviews would take me around 100 days to complete, even if I had already completed 1/3 of them, and that’s without concentrating on anything else. Needless to say, if I want to keep turning out this many evaluations each quarter, I’ll have to improve my method (which I do).
  • 1 TikTok hustling review update – Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to TikTok this quarter. I keep telling myself it won’t work, which is silly since I haven’t tried it yet.
  • Update your reviews with user feedback – I’m still working on a solution. I have a WordPress plugin in mind that should be capable of storing and showing reviews, but it isn’t ideal since it isn’t a fully customized solution. By the end of Q1 2022, I should have something in place.

Despite the fact that I didn’t complete any of these objectives this quarter, I made progress on all of them save the TikTok one. That makes me pleased.

Goals for the first quarter of 2022

In my year-end assessment for 2021, which should be out shortly, I’ll be providing a thorough goals report. To be the first to know about it, sign up for our newsletter.

Last Thoughts

I hope you found this income report to be interesting and informative. In these reports, I always find it beneficial to reflect on the past, and I strongly advise you to do the same for your own company.

In relation to:

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I cover the technical aspects of blogging, as well as how to choose a topic/niche for your blog, how to come up with content ideas, how to attract readers, and, most significantly, how to earn money blogging, in both materials.

  • Do you have any queries concerning the blog income report for this quarter? Leave a comment in the box below!

How I made $15,589.37 blogging in Q4 of 2021

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