The ultimate gift guide for ‘Great British Baking Show’ fans

If you’re a ‘Great British Baking Show’ fan, then the gift guides below are for you. There is something for everyone from cake decorators to chess players and even those who like to bake with gin! Whether it’s your birthday or someone else’s, these gifts will make any occasion special.

The “Great British Baking Show” is a popular television show that has been on air for over 10 years. The show is currently in its 7th season and has become one of the most watched shows on TV. Fans are always looking for ways to support their favorite bakers, which is why I have put together a list of gifts they will love.

The ultimate gift guide for 'Great British Baking Show' fans

Please take a seat. Prepare yourself. Gift! The holidays are approaching, and if you know someone who enjoys the “Great British Baking Show,” they’re probably more worried about soggy bottoms and flaky crusts than what’s in their stocking. Surprise them with a present that would even make Paul Hollywood grin. When you give them one of these aprons, culinary tools, or amusing GBBS-inspired presents this year, they’ll feel like the star baker in your life.

It’s also not just about useful kitchen gadgets. There are also stickers and t-shirts so kids can express their enthusiasm everywhere they go, as well as a bingo board to make viewing their favorite program more engaging. While you explore this wonderful gift list for the “Great British Baking Show” lover in your life, toss your bake in the oven and set a timer.


Star Baker apron3 / 26

Etsy / HumorStyle

1. Baker’s Star Apron

Cost: $24.90

It’s available here.

Your loved one will become the “star baker” of their own kitchen with this cotton and polyester apron. The screen-printed design is inspired by the typeface and style of the program. Each item is handcrafted by the seller. This is still a completely usable apron, so it’s ideal for a loved one who enjoys baking or cooking. It also contains compartments for cooking utensils, so you can have everything you need close to hand while preparing your masterpiece. While the apron can withstand typical kitchen wear and tear, it should be washed in cold water and dried on low heat by your loved one.

Great British Bake Show Button Set4 / 26

Etsy / sweetandlovely

2. Set of Buttons

Cost: $16

It’s available here.

This collection of six buttons will brighten the festive season for your loved one. They’re ideal for a modest gift exchange or stocking stuffer. With bright and exciting graphics, all six pay homage to the program. “That’s a wonderful bike,” “the Hollywood handshake,” “scrummy,” “star baker,” and “no soggy bottoms!” are among the six designs available. “On your marks… get set… bake!” and “on your marks… get set… bake!” All of these designs will appeal to true fans of the program. The artist who created them is also the one who sells them. Every design is mounted on a 1.5-inch button. For $16, you can buy all six.

On Your Marks, Get Set, Bake! T-shirt5 / 26

Etsy / MudoBoutique

3. Bake on your mark, bake on your mark, bake on your mark, bake on your mark, bake on your mark, bake on your T-shirt

$11.50 plus tax

It’s available here.

With this trendy T-shirt, your loved ones can show off their GBBS devotion all year long. It comes in a rainbow of hues, all with the words “On your marks, get set, bake!” emblazoned on them. On a black, white, dark gray, mauve, navy, peach, or maroon backdrop, certain words may be written. Some hues are more expensive than others. This shirt is also available in a variety of styles, each with a distinct price tag. For younger fans, you may buy a women’s style shirt, a unisex shirt, a women’s V-neck shirt, or even a youth shirt. If you can collect the dimensions from one of your loved one’s current shirts, it will assist you make your final buy. After carefully reading the size chart, choose the style and color that your giftee will like the most. Your total cost will be determined by all of the choices you choose.

GBBS Potholders6 / 26

Etsy user jazzynjessie

4. Potholders from GBBS

Cost: $11.99

It’s available here.

Don’t be shocked if this list includes additional kitchen items. When it comes to baking enthusiasts, it’s only natural. These potholders are cute, useful, and entertaining. You have the option of choosing between red and black. Then choose a statement to put on the potholders. “Star baker,” “no one loves a soggy bottom,” or “on your marks… go ready… baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Note that “star baker” is only available in black.) Each potholder is 9 by 7 inches and is made of polyester fabric with a rubber bottom for traction.

Star Baker Wooden Spoon7 / 26

Etsy / SassyChikkin

5. Wooden Spoon by Star Baker

Price: $13 and above

It’s available here.

When your loved one is baking at home with this spoon, they will definitely feel like a great baker. The “star baker” is laser etched on the strong beechwood spoon. They’re completely practical as culinary tools, but they also look excellent as ornamental pieces. The “star baker” inscription is all there is on the basic version. This spoon may be customized with the name of your favorite star baker for an additional fee of $18. This is a wonderfully beautiful Christmas present.

Bake Off Mug8 / 26

Etsy / GrowUpGaby

6. Mug to Bake

$7.77 plus tax

It’s available here.

Without an image of the participants drinking tea while waiting for their bakes, it wouldn’t be a “Bake Off” episode. This 11-ounce mug is a bright and cheerful reminder of the show’s finest features. Prue and Paul will serve tea to your special someone. Teapots, cupcakes, clocks, and strawberries are among the adorable designs. Favorite lines from the program, such as “nobody loves a soggy bottom” and “you are star baker,” will motivate them. The $7.77 price tag refers to a coaster that goes with the cup. The show’s name is surrounded by charming graphics such as spoons, cake, donuts, stars, and more on the coaster. You may acquire simply the cup for $15.47, or a matching set for $21.12 that will liven up your giftee’s morning, afternoon, or evening tea.

Mix and Match Tea and Kitchen Towels9 / 26

Etsy / RachelUnlimited

7. Towels for Tea and the Kitchen may be mixed and matched.

Cost: $21.15

It’s available here.

You have three choices in total, but you may mix and combine them to get two ideal GBBS towels for your special someone. Each towel is 28 by 28 inches and is made of ring-spun cotton. They’re white with black wording and graphics screen-printed on them. “Star baker” with a flourish underneath it, “totally scrummy,” and “nobody loves a soggy bottom,” replete with a pie picture, are the three ideas. This present will be a hit regardless of which two you chose.

‘Stodgy’ Soy Wax Candle10 / 26

SerenitybyJenCo is a shop on Etsy.

8. Soy Wax Candle (‘Stodgy’)

Price is $15.

It’s available here.

It’s not always enough to merely watch GBBS. Those delectable bakes seem to be wafting straight through your screen. You can really make them drift out into the living room as your loved one watches the current episode with this candle. Depending on whatever delectable dessert is on the menu today, this “stodgy” candle comes in a variety of sceneries. Choose from a variety of scents, including eucalyptus and spearmint, Fraser fir, grapefruit and mangosteen, lavender and vanilla, lemongrass, sandalwood, and fireside, or unscented. The eight-ounce candle is packaged in an amber or blue jar with a humorous label that reads “stodgy: over proofed under baked.”

GBBS Wooden Spoon Set11 / 26

Etsy / SLKYStore

GBBS Wooden Spoon Set (nine pieces)

The cost is $27.95.

It’s available here.

We already had one GBBS spoon on our list, but this set takes things to the next level. This set includes four wooden spoons as well as a charming “Bake Off” bag to keep them in. Each beechwood spoon is a useful cooking tool that may be used for baking and stirring. Each one is 12 inches long, light, heat-resistant, and splinter-free. They also look fantastic. “Star baker” is written within a real star. “Nobody loves a soggy bottom,” says one with an image of a pie. The “Hollywood handshake” is commemorated on one, and “on your mark, go set, bake” on the other. The rolling pins on the final two are also adorable. They can make great kitchen décor or art accessories if they’re simply too cute to use.

The Great Bake Off Escape12 / 26

Etsy / PrintableEscapeRoom

The Great Bake Off Escape is number ten.

The cost is $14.99

It’s available here.

This one will appeal to the whole family of GBBS lovers. They’ll be able to play their own escape room game at home, and it’ll be themed around “Bake Off.” There are 13 tasks total, including some hints in the form of recipes. While playing, the players will be required to create a genuine batch of brownies, but that is all part of the fun. Anyone aged 8 and above may play, which is ideal if your loved one has children. There are two clue lines to follow, so you may divide up the six participants. Then get back together, combine your resources and intelligence, and figure out what’s going on. The game takes around an hour to complete, and you get to play as one of the show’s genuine contestants. Instructions, tips, solutions, an answer key, and recipes are all included in the package. However, your giftee will need to assemble the necessary components and supplies. For gamers with gluten intolerance, there are also gluten-free brownie choices. This is a game that the whole family can enjoy.

Baking List Notepad13 / 26

Etsy / paperviewco

11. Notepad for Baking Lists

Cost: $12.95

It’s available here.

This baking list notebook is perfect for your loved one who needs a little more motivation to reach their baking goals. It also contains a photograph of Paul Hollywood himself, for added incentive (or fear, depending on the situation). As they go through their baking checklist, your giftee will feel like a competitor on the show, with Paul lurking in the background. The 50-page pad is 6 x 4 inches and is printed in full color. Use it to keep track of recipes, grocery lists, and other important notes.

Great British Bake Off Vinyl Sticker Set14 / 26

Etsy / PonyChopsDesign

Set of 12 Vinyl Stickers

The cost is $16.79.

It’s available here.

“Bake Off” hosts are nearly as famous as the bakes themselves. With this vinyl sticker set, your loved one may now commemorate their favorite GBBS characters. Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, and Prue Leith will each get three 3-inch stickers. “Nobody loves a soggy bottom,” “you just have to be not the worst,” “you’re my star baker,” and “have a Hollywood handshake” are among their catchphrases. These are ideal for computers, e-readers, refrigerators, and other electronic devices because to the durable vinyl.

Paul Hollywood Pin15 / 26

Etsy / TheDaftCraftCo

Paul Hollywood Pin (#13)

Cost: $12.99

It’s available here.

GBBS judge Paul Hollywood has become an entity in and of himself as a result of the show. He is intimidating, encouraging, and everything in between. Your loved one may now wear a huge enamel pin with Paul’s visage and the words “you’re my star baker” to honor the guy himself. With a black rubber base, this vibrant and vivid pin is around 1.25 inches. It looks excellent pinned to a sweatshirt, jacket, cap, or purse. Alternatively, pair it with an apron so your loved one can keep an eye on their baked goods while they’re in the kitchen.

Mary Berry Tea Towel16 / 26

Etsy / ShopCorBlimey

Mary Berry Tea Towel (No. 14)

The cost is $16.79.

It’s available here.

This one is for lovers of the original GBBS. One of the early judges was Mary Berry. Prue took her position when she departed the program. True admirers, on the other hand, recall Mary Berry as tough yet encouraging. This vibrant and colorful tea towel will evoke fond memories of previous seasons. Mary appears on a cotton towel, surrounded by a collection of her greatest lines, like “your crack is beautiful and wet” and “you have some irregularly shaped balls.” Mary’s inadvertent, or not-so-accidental, innuendos from the performance will make your loved one laugh.

Nice Bake Pencils17 / 26

Etsy / sundrybest

Pencils with a Nice Bake

Cost: $9.50

It’s available here.

Here’s a quick and easy stocking stuffer idea for you. The program is referenced subtly in this group of six pencils. For a beautiful pastel look, they come in light green, pale blue, and white. Each is emblazoned with a quote or slogan from the program. “On your marks, get ready, bake,” “style & substance,” “star baker,” “showstopper,” “soggy bottom,” and, of course, “Hollywood handshake” are among the phrases you’ll hear. This bundle includes all six pencils in one convenient container. If there’s something missing from this set, you can even message the seller to work out a custom set of pencils. Give these to a loved one to keep in the kitchen so they can keep track of their baked goods. This is also a good match with the Paul Hollywood notepad.

GBBS Judges as Cats Poster18 / 26

/ Etsy / Elizadrawstheline

Poster: GBBS Judges as Cats

Cost: $22.37

It’s available here.

The current GBBS panel of four judges is well-liked. Even Paul Hollywood looks sweet and cuddly when he’s transformed into a cat. This poster will make a great present for any GBBS enthusiast. It’s 8.27 x 11.69 inches in size. The grayscale image, which appears on white paper, depicts Noel, Prue, Matt, and Paul as adorable kittens dressed in outfits similar to those worn by the human hosts. They stand in front of an assortment of lovely bakes, a look of disapproval on their feline features. Pick pick a frame for your giftee so they may hang it on the wall.

Stand Mixer Earrings19 / 26

Etsy / madebymejewellery73

Earrings from a Stand Mixer

Price: $6.93 plus tax

It’s available here.

Without their trusty stand mixers, none of the courageous candidates on the program would go very far. These earrings are tiny versions of the stand mixers seen on the program. They’re 35 x 10mm in size. You may select between silver-plated or sterling silver earrings for $6.93 and $8.19, respectively. Most individuals should be able to wear the hypoallergenic silicone backs comfortably. They’re even packaged in an organza bag that’s perfect for giving as a gift. This inexpensive and straightforward present is ideal for any earring-wearing aficionado you may know.

Great British Bake Show ornament20 / 26

Etsy / MyGracefulRose

Ornament with a Soggy Bottom

Price: $10.12 (plus shipping)

It’s available here.

Here’s a hand-drawn ornament that will make future Christmases more memorable for your loved one. Alternatively, give it to them a bit early so they may use it to decorate their tree this year with GBBS. This item is for a “no one loves a wet bottom” ornament, but if you go to the seller’s website, you’ll find many more. A “star baker” or “on your marks, get set, bake” ornament is also available. Alternatively, go large and create your own ornament to communicate precisely what you want. There are three sizes available from the seller: 2-2.5 inches, 2.5-3 inches, and 3-4 inches. Because these decorations are wood slices, they are not exactly accurate, hence these sizes are ranges. That handcrafted imperfection, on the other hand, adds charm and should appeal to anybody who enjoys a program about creative, hand-made things. Customization and higher sizes will incur an additional charge.

GBBS Bingo Sheet21 / 26

Etsy / fileprintboutique

GBBS Bingo Sheet No. 19

Price: $5

It’s available here.

This is a low-cost and entertaining present for several admirers. This is a downloadable PDF document that you may print on your own. If you’re a fan of the program as well, this may be the ideal present. You and your partner may print out your bingo cards, which are based on plot points from the program, and then play a game of bingo while binge-watching. The PDF pack contains ten cards, allowing you to play several times or organize a whole GBBS party for for $5. It’s a fantastic approach to get people together in a low-stress manner during a busy season. “Technical difficulty,” “baker wins star baker,” “baker drops their bake or it falls over,” and “baker or judge says bread or loaf” are among the squares. Make sure you’re paying attention since it may not take long to get a bingo on this board. Get ready, get set, bingo!

GBBS Cross Stitch22 / 26

NeedleLovesThreads is an Etsy shop that sells needles and threads.

20. GBBS Cross Stitch is a cross stitch pattern designed by GBBS.

Price: $4

It’s available here.

This is a real representation of the crafty community. The fee is for a cross-stitch design in digital PDF format that commemorates “Bake Off.” The design will specify the thread colors, thread counts, and fabric counts required. It’ll work with a six-inch hoop. “You deserve a Paul Hollywood handshake,” your creative loved one will be able to cross-stitch. Cute small graphics surround the text, including a baguette, a cupcake, cake, muffins, pretzel, and a variety of other delectable treats created by the participants. This is an utterly great present for someone who enjoys cross-stitching, particularly while watching GBBS.

‘Nobody Likes a Soggy Bottom’ Mug23 / 26

Etsy / TwoMoonMonkeys

21. Mug with the phrase “Nobody Likes a Soggy Bottom”

Price: $15.97 plus shipping

It’s available here.

Not a fan of the mug we mentioned earlier? Instead, give this a go. It is a vibrant design with a pink cupcake on a solid black backdrop that states “nobody loves a wet bottom.” The cup is made of high-quality ceramic with a glossy black finish, and the design is printed on both sides so you can make a statement no matter how you drink. According to the vendor, the design should withstand daily usage and cleaning. It’s even safe to use in the microwave. The 11-ounce cup will set you back $15.97, while the 15-ounce mug will set you back $17.97. Combine it with the preceding cup to give your giftee a complete GBBS-themed mug set.

GBBS Ready, Set, Bake T-shirt24 / 26

Etsy / GoodIntentionsSundry

T-shirt 22. GBBS Ready, Set, Bake

Cost: $24

It’s available here.

This is a humorous design from the show on a women’s style T-shirt. Around the picture of one of the show’s famous (and often despised) stand mixers, it states “on your mark, get set, bake.” The appealing women’s cut is available in women’s sizes small to 2XL. Your giftee will adore wearing this form-fitting but very breathable and soft T-shirt all the time thanks to the polyester, cotton, and rayon mix. For colors, you have a choice of charcoal-black, navy, solid dark gray, purple, berry, genuine royal, blue, and aqua. The shirts have a tendency to run small, so choose a size carefully for your loved one.

GBBS Commemorative Decorative Plate25 / 26

Etsy / PopPorcelain

23. Commemorative Decorative Plate for the GBBS

63 dollars

It’s available here.

We’ve saved the best for last for the die-hard devotees. This plate has two faces – two of the show’s hosts or judges. There are several variations to choose from. Paul and Mary, Paul and Prue, Mel and Sue, Sandi and Noel, or Noel and Matt are all options. Each plate is about 7.5 to 8.5 inches in diameter. There are four various types to pick from, ranging from two basic styles to two with a flowery pattern all around the rims. They have a vintage appearance and feel to them, which is typical of British taste. Please keep in mind that these plates are simply ornamental and are not meant to be used for eating. In fact, water may destroy the plate’s pattern. Instead, hang them on a wall, maybe in the kitchen, using the hook on the back.

At the time of writing, all pricing and availability were correct.

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