TranscribeMe Review and Earning Guide (Definitive)

Review of the TranscribeMe transcription platform. This is a review, not an advertisement and this article covers my personal experience with transcribing audio files for $1 per hour or less.

The “transcribeme reviews” is a review and earning guide for the popular transcription service. The company has been around since 2009, but it hasn’t always had the best reputation. However, with recent updates to its algorithm, it’s now one of the most reliable services out there.

TranscribeMe Review and Earning Guide (Definitive)

Is it worth joining up for TranscribeMe, one of the top organizations providing paid transcribing jobs and associated opportunities?

We”ll break everything down in our TranscribeMe review and earning guide, including if TranscribeMe is real, who can join, how safe it is, how it works, the earning possibilities, and more. All of this is backed up by real-world experience, evaluations, insights, and statistics from TranscribeMe employees.

Points to Remember

Age Limits 18
Location(s) Worldwide
Platform(s) Web
The average hourly wage is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $4.25
Work Volume on Average A couple of times a week
Time to 1st Withdrawal on Average a period of 19 days (lowest: 10 days)
Earning Options Transcription
Options for Payment PayPal
Payout Minimum $10
Quickness of payment 7 days

Process of Evaluation

An anonymous Redditor and confirmed transcriber who has been working on TranscribeMe for roughly 4 months wrote the tutorial parts of this TranscribeMe evaluation.

We’ve polled a total of 2 TranscribeMe employees for the earnings statistics and other user insights and ratings in this guide as part of a continuing effort. (Please note that all earnings figures are in US dollars.)

Finally, Dylan Houlihan did the research for this review (i.e. the legal check, safety inspection, business information, etc.) as well as further editing and proofreading.

Do you see anything that isn’t quite right, or would you want to contribute to making this review more useful? Please leave a remark or get in touch with us.

What is TranscribeMe and how does it work?

TranscribeMe website homepage

TranscribeMe is a firm that offers a variety of services such as transcription, translation, annotation, and other similar services to customers all around the globe. They are part of the gig economy since they utilize a combination of AI and crowd-sourced labour to deliver speedy and dependable services.

Below is further information about how TranscribeMe works.

About the Business

TranscribeMe pencil logo

  • The year the company was founded was 2011.
  • TranscribeMe, Inc. is the company’s legal name.
  • N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A
  • PO Box 2907, San Francisco, California 94126, United States
  • Alexei Dunayev, Igor Feerer, and Danijel Duvnjak are the founders. 
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all social media platforms.
  • Contact information: • 1-800-275-5513
  • is another company (an automated transcription service)

Check for Authenticity

The event will take place on December 12, 2021.

We feel TranscribeMe is legitimate for the following reasons:

  • The given corporate information is correct and simple to locate. Their firm address is a P.O. box, which is understandable given that they are an internet business.
  • TranscribeMe is on social media, and their postings do not get a lot of negative feedback. They have an usually upbeat social atmosphere.
  • The TranscribeMe website is well-designed and professional, with no noticeable grammatical or spelling errors.
  • The site has a clearly publicized privacy policy and rules for crowdworkers.
  • Transcribe My work prospects are clear and straightforward, with no exaggerated earnings promises. 
  • Signing up and earning money is completely free.
  • There are no testimonials on the site that are blatantly fraudulent.
  • Indeed has claimed TranscribeMe’s profile.
  • The minimum payment is fair.
  • They have to pay (proof)

Here are the red flags we discovered while researching TranscribeMe:

  • Some employees have claimed that they were fired from the platform for no apparent cause. 
  • TranscribeMe has claimed its Indeed profile, however they haven’t claimed their profiles on Trustpilot or Glassdoor, and they don’t seem to reply to customer reviews.

Is TranscribeMe a genuine service?

We think TranscribeMe is legitimate based on the information provided above. During our investigation, we discovered a few warning flags, but nothing out of the usual or dramatic enough to imply TranscribeMe is a fraud. The organization, which has been in business since 2011, is extremely open about their personnel, the services they provide, and how their career possibilities function. 

Of course, just because TranscribeMe is legitimate does not imply it is a good fit for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about TranscribeMe’s operations, as well as how much you can anticipate to make with them.

Note: Do you have any proof or evidence that we should be aware of? Please leave a remark or get in touch with us.

Payment Proof for TranscribeMe

Here are a few PayPal payment proofs from one of our reviewers to further prove TranscribeMe’s legitimacy:

Payment proof #3

Who is eligible to participate? (Requirements)

  • Age requirement: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Country-specific requirements:
    • To be paid, you’ll need access to PayPal (or know someone who does).
  • Web browser is required.
  • Valid PayPal is required for payout.
  • No particular skills, past experience, or educational qualifications are necessary (other than the ability to listen and type). To be recruited, you must pass a standard English Entrance Exam.
  • Additional requirements: A decent set of headphones/earbuds and a foot pedal are not essential, but they may help you be more efficient. (This Chrome extension must be downloaded and activated in order to utilize a foot pedal.) For proofreading, the Grammarly addon is also suggested.

Inspection for safety

The event will take place on December 16, 2021.

  • What is an SSL certificate? Yes.
  • Here is the link to the privacy statement.
  • Here are the terms of service.
  • TranscribeMe users’ personal information:
    • First and last name, email, password, payment details, country, language, gender, job, transcription languages are all required for account creation. You may enter your Skype ID and phone number if you want to. 
    • A photo of a government-issued ID is required for verification. 
  • Do they have data-sharing policies that are reasonable? Yes. TranscribeMe only shares user data with reputable third parties as needed, according to their privacy policy. “All TranscribeMe, Inc. colleagues and trusted parties who help in running our company and services have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to keep all Transcriber data secret,” they state. 
  • Do they resell user information? No. “We will not sell or rent this information to anybody,” their privacy policy states.
  • Is it possible to opt out? Yes, if you refuse to provide your information or if you delete your account.
  • Do they keep user information safe? Yes. “When you submit sensitive information through our website, it is safeguarded both online and offline,” according to their privacy policy. Sensitive information (such as Paypal information) is collected and communicated to us in a secure manner.”
  • Is it possible to remove your account and all of your data? Yes, you may contact TranscribeMe via your account page or by contacting TranscribeMe. At any moment, you may examine what information TranscribeMe has about you.
  • How long do you keep your data? There is no mention of it. We’re guessing it’ll be erased as soon as they get your request.
  • Has there ever been a data breach at their company? We’re not aware of any.

Is TranscribeMe a secure service?

The work opportunity is pretty safe as a generic transcriber who isn’t obliged to furnish TranscribeMe with much personal information. There’s not a whole lot that can go wrong.

If you want to proceed to additional chances on the site (see information below), you may be requested to provide a picture of a government-issued ID that includes your complete legal name, birthday, and headshot. Many people will be concerned about their security since if the information is taken, it might be used for identity fraud. 

We couldn’t locate any other accounts of this occurring, which is comforting. It would be helpful to know how your picture ID is preserved and who has access to it after that. After proving your identification, TranscribeMe should, in our opinion, simply erase the ID since it is no longer required. 

To be as secure as possible, if you do supply it, we suggest filtering off any other non-essential information on your ID. (Source)

Furthermore, although TranscribeMe’s privacy policy is brief and simple to understand, it lacks specifics on the types of personal information collected from employees. To find this out, you’ll have to go through the sign-up and work processes.

Note: Read our 2 TranscribeMe user reviews to see how real people feel about TranscribeMe’s security.

The following is an obligatory disclaimer: Nothing on the internet is completely secure or private. The above are our own thoughts based on our own research. Please use care and do your own research.

Quality is supported by TranscribeMe.

None of the TranscribeMe employees we polled had ever needed to contact customer service.

TranscribeMe’s support crew, according to online research, is helpful and fast to answer.

Note: Have you worked with TranscribeMe support before? Please leave a comment below.

What is the Process of TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is a service that connects customers in need of transcription, translation, and other related services with freelancers searching for employment. To make this work, they offer a crowdsourced job platform where individuals can quickly and simply join up, get trained, and start earning money. Microwork is another term for this.

TranscribeMe freelancers will begin getting work on TranscribeMe’s WorkHub after they have been onboarded and completed the intro examinations. As a typical transcriber, your primary task will be to listen to brief audio samples and manually put them into text format.

TranscribeMe transcription interfaceAn example of how the transcribing work interface looks.

You’ll have complete control over your work hours as a TranscribeMe freelancer, and you may work as much or as little as you choose (or as long as there is work available). To keep your account active, you must complete at least one item of work per month.

The amount you make is mostly determined by the number of transcribing tasks you accept, the length of time you spend on the site, and the quantity of transcription jobs available.

Continue reading to learn more about:

  • The entire income potential of TranscribeMe
  • On TranscribeMe, you may earn money in a variety of ways.
  • How do you get your money?
  • Additional characteristics
  • What should you do first?
  • and much more!

Earning Prospects of TranscribeMe

Workers earn an average of $250 a month, according to TranscribeMe (the highest monthly earnings are $2,200).

Here are the facts we obtained on TranscribeMe’s pay rate based on two TranscribeMe customers we’ve polled so far:

  • $4.25 per hour on average
  • $4.25 is the median hourly wage.
  • The highest hourly wage is $10.
  • The cheapest hourly rate is $1.
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • $30 is the average monthly cost.
  • $50 is the highest monthly amount.
  • The cheapest month’s rent is $10.

Note: As we survey additional people, these figures will be updated on a regular basis. To keep up to date and get exclusive content, sign up here. Contact us if you freelance for TranscribeMe and want to help us collect more accurate data!

Is Work Available on a Regular Basis?

TranscribeMe’s workload varies dramatically based on the sorts of work you have access to, the time of day, and other uncontrollable circumstances.

“How frequently do you generate money from TranscribeMe?” we questioned two TranscribeMe users. Their replies are as follows:

  • 0 mentioned just a few times every month
  • 1 once or twice a month
  • 1 stated a few of times every week
  • 0 is a phrase that is repeated many times during the day.
  • 0 virtually always mentioned
  • 0 said it all the time.

For additional information on these figures, see the complete customer evaluations below.

  • What’s the bottom line? TranscribeMe does not promise a steady supply of work, so don’t put too much faith on it.
  • Do you want to share your story? Please leave a remark!

Breakdown of TranscribeMe’s Review and Rating


TranscribeMe is a good entry-level option for new transcribers (or those who want to learn the skill), but it isn’t a consistent source of money. Pay is insufficient, and employment availability is inconsistent. However, there are prospects for expansion that may improve the potential, as well as wonderful community features and support.

Breakdown of the Ratings

The Overall Hustle Rating (above) is a weighted average that considers all of the individual categories below, with pay rate and employment availability being the most important factors. This will show you how this hustle compares to others in the Hustle Finder.

1.5 out of 5 stars

With TranscribeMe, you can expect to earn roughly $4.25/hour based on genuine user data.

Availability for work: 1.5/5

TranscribeMe users reported getting work between a few times a week to a few times a month, with an average monthly profits of $30.

3/5 Payout Options

TranscribeMe exclusively accepts PayPal as a method of payment.

3/5 Minimum Payout

TranscribeMe features a reasonable minimum payment of $10.

3/5 Payout Speed

Every seven days, payments are given.

5/5 support

TranscribeMe’s customer service is said to be friendly and responsive.

3/5 based on user experience

Aside from earning possibilities, TranscribeMe provides entry-level employment, flexibility, solid community features, a bug-free work hub, and prospects for advancement. However, employment security is lacking (you may be removed at any moment without warning), and the work can be boring and challenging at times.

4/5 for safety

It’s secure, however they do need employees to submit a picture of their government ID for specific prospects beyond entry-level labor, and they retain this on your account for as long as you have an account.

How Can TranscribeMe Help You Make Money?

With TranscribeMe, there are four basic methods to generate money:

1. Transcription in General

This is the role that everyone on TranscribeMe begins with.

You get employed as a general transcriber after completing TranscribeMe’s English Entrance Exam. You’ll now have access to TranscribeMe’s native transcribing tool, the WorkHub (pictured below).

Empty workhub

You’ll find audio files here (aka transcription jobs). Each audio chunk is normally 2-4 minutes long, and the job files are divided into many chunks (files can be a max of 8 minutes). These files are allocated at random. 

The availability of files changes greatly from one moment to the next. Sometimes a new file will be ready just after you finish one, and other times you’ll have to wait a bit before you can start on another.

When there are no files accessible, the WorkHub appears as seen above. The website is continually and quickly refreshed, so when a new file is assigned to you, it will appear in the WorkHub and you may begin working on it right away.

Tip: Because you can only work one task at a time, speed and precision are essential for maximizing your earnings potential. 

Earning Potential

General transcribers are paid $15 per hour of audio. 

It’s important to note that the term “audio hour” refers to the length of the audio file, not the time spent working on it. A 2-minute audio chunk, which is the typical length allocated to common transcribers, would cost $0.50 at this rate. 

Jobs on the decline

Because jobs are chosen at random, you won’t be able to pick which files to work on. If you come across an audio chunk you don’t want to work on, just click the three vertical dots next to the Submit button and choose Cancel. 

The task will be given to another transcriber and a fresh file will be assigned to you if you cancel (if available).

Creating Audio Files

Transcription interface with assigned job

The screenshot above depicts the WorkHub after you’ve been given a work. It’s incredibly simple to use, and all you have to do is text on it. 

To make files easier to comprehend, modify the playing speed and volume. You may also adjust and utilize various keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys to speed up your work.

As long as you are actively typing, once an audio chunk is given to you, it is yours to work on until submission. The task will be returned to the pool and allocated to another transcriber if you are idle for 60 times the length of the audio chunk (e.g. 1 hour for a 1-minute audio chunk).

Making a Submission

Following the submission of your fully transcribed audio chunk, the file will be reviewed by a member of TranscribeMe’s Quality Assurance team to ensure correctness and correct any errors. 

Only once a work has been satisfactorily assessed by a QA will it be declared finished, and only then will the money earned be accessible for withdrawal. 

The length of time it takes to rate files varies.

TranscribeMe does not require 100 percent accuracy from its transcribers. When a task is finished, the percent changed/corrected by QA will be shown, and a change rate of 15% or less is anticipated. You’re doing well if your total average percent change is less than 10%.

“The minimum anticipated quality level is 98 percent, which is calculated as two allowed adjustments per 100 words of output, including spelling and grammar.”

The system will reject audio chunks that have been altered by more than 30%. A QA may also reject a work if less than 30% of it has been altered. Here’s where you can get more information about rejection. 

Your account will not be canceled only because you were rejected for a job. It is estimated that fewer than 5% of applications would be rejected. TranscribeMe will look into your whole work history as well as the amount of rejections you’ve had. Deactivation is done on a case-by-case basis, and there is no set proportion of rejections that will result in your account being cancelled. 

2. Teams of specialized transcriptionists

TranscribeMe also gives you the chance to make more money. To be considered for these higher-paying positions, you must pass one of the site’s several promotion examinations. Some tests are only accessible in specific areas. 

The compensation rates for some of TranscribeMe’s speciality transcribing teams are shown below. This page has a more comprehensive list.

TME Approved

  • Work on files that have certain formatting standards and restrictions.
  • Requirements:
    • Only available to transcribers in the United States and Australia.
    • A federal ID check and a free background check are required.
    • A particular styles exam must be completed.
  • Rate of pay: $25 per audio hour

Accent Groups

  • Description: Increases the number of labor options available at the $15 per audio hour pay rate.
  • Requirements: Passing an accent test and a Commonwealth spelling exam are required.

Champions of the First Draft

  • Work on files that are delivered straight to the customer without passing through quality assurance.
  • Pass the First Draft test and have your current work reviewed as a requirement. 
  • Pay rate: $22/audio hour + FDC sweepstakes eligibility (we’re not sure what these are) and other perks

TME Plus

  • “The TME Particular Styles team is a one-of-a-kind group that works on a broad range of projects with special style rules, from clean and complete verbatim to special tags and number formatting.”
  • Requirements:
    • 75 unrejected transcribing jobs completed
    • Verification of identification
    • Pass the TME Plus Special Styles test with flying colors.
    • High precision

Medical Staff

  • Deal with audio files containing medical terminology. 
  • Requirements:
    • 150+ unrejected transcribing tasks done
    • Successfully complete the medical transcribing exam.

3. Quality Assurance Teams

Members of TranscribeMe’s quality assurance team come from a pool of generic transcribers. If you consistently submit high-quality, correct work, you may be invited to join one of the teams listed below.

QAs for ASR (automated speech recognition)

  • Review and fix files that have been automatically transcribed using voice recognition software. 
  • Passing the ASR test is required.
  • Rate of pay: $25 per audio hour

2Step QAs

  • Edit files that have been uploaded by general transcribers.
  • Requirements:
    • Pass the first draft test as well as the English 2Step QA exam.
    • As a transcriber, you must finish at least 30 tasks without being refused.
    • Valid picture identification is required.
  • Pay rate: $23 per audio hour, with expedited files paying $35 per hour.

FD Stampers is a company that specializes in rubber stamping

  • Add timestamps and speaker IDs to files created using First Draft Plus.
  • Completion of the English FD Stamper test is required.
  • Pay: $7-$10 each audio hour, with weekly prizes and other bonuses

QuickStep QAs are tests that are completed in a short amount of time.

  • Transcribe whole audio files rather than bits of audio. Include speaker IDs and timestamps. The client receives the files directly. 
  • Uploading a valid picture ID is required.
  • Pay rate: $35 per audio hour while on probation, then $40 per audio hour after that, with sweepstakes and other benefits

4. Quality Assurance Advancement Teams

On TranscribeMe, these are the highest-level positions offered. To even be considered for an invite, you must be a member of one or more of the QA teams listed above.

QAs in their entirety

  • Full verbatim transcriptions are available (i.e. including all stutters, filler words, etc.).
  • Requirements:
    • A member of the 2Step or QuickStep QA team is required.
    • Complete the whole verbatim test.
  • Rate of pay: $50 per audio hour


  • Check the work of new QAs and assist them in their training. 
  • Only invitees are permitted.
  • Pay rate: $27 per hour of audio, $13.50 per hour of snippets

How to Make Money with TranscribeMe

Work history page preview showing completed jobs

The Work History page, as shown above, is an example. The state of each finished file is indicated by a color code.

  • Pending = red
  • Yellow indicates that the item is available for withdrawal.
  • Blue indicates that money has been taken from your account and that you have not been paid.
  • Green indicates that the money has been withdrawn and paid.

The amount earned is added to your Pending balance after a file is submitted. The earnings are applied to your Available for Withdrawal balance once they’ve been evaluated by a QA member.

You may request a payment after your Available for Withdrawal balance exceeds $10. Payments are distributed every Thursday at 9 a.m. PT, so if you want to get paid on time, be sure to request before then.

To prevent delays, TranscribeMe suggests withdrawing at least 30 minutes before the cutoff time. If you are in a different time zone, you must additionally consider the time difference.

The only method to be paid on TranscribeMe is via PayPal:

1. PayPal

  • The minimum payment is $10.
  • Fees: None (a PayPal fee of 2.9 percent + $0.30 may be levied, although this varies by user).

TranscribeMe’s Extra Features

1. Yammer

You’ll be invited to join TranscribeMe’s community platform on Yammer as soon as your account is enabled. It is the official TranscribeMe portal for all announcements, updates, and transcriber interaction. It may be used to solicit assistance from administrators and other transcribers. 

It’s a vibrant community where transcribers interact with one another and exchange ideas and best practices. It’s also a terrific place to hear from genuine TranscribeMe employees about their experiences.

2. Library of Transcriptionists

This is TranscribeMe’s support website, which includes a large number of materials like as manuals, test handbooks, FAQs, and tips. Other guidelines with more thorough explanations may be found here, in addition to the style guide that you must study before sitting the admission test. 

Because the help pages on other transcription services aren’t as comprehensive and informative as this one, I consider this a bonus function. It’s a useful tool that will make finishing projects and passing tests more simpler.

3. Exams

As previously stated, the general transcriber role at TranscribeMe is the entry level position. If you produce excellent work and pass particular examinations on the platform, you will have prospects for growth and increased income.

TranscribeMe exams

A screenshot of the Exams page is seen above. You may see all of the examinations that are presently accessible here. When you click Check Test Info, you’ll see all of the information regarding the exam, including its purpose and requirements. Some tests will be offered only after you’ve passed others.

If a test isn’t accessible, it implies TranscribeMe isn’t taking candidates for that team right now.

Note: If you cheat on an exam (for example, by submitting duplicated answers), your account will be revoked and prohibited.

User Feedback on TranscribeMe

We now have 2 TranscribeMe reviews with an average rating of 3.25/5 from users.

For sharing their impartial ideas and opinions, each reviewer was offered a little reward.

Mzito2021 (4 out of 5)

• Reddit • September 23, 2021

  • Kenya is a country in Africa.
  • Age: 28
  • 1 month’s use
  • Total profit: $50
  • $10 per hour on average
  • Monthly average: $50
  • Makes money on a weekly basis
  • The time it takes to withdraw for the first time is ten days.

What are your overall thoughts? TranscribeMe is a reputable website that provides transcription services for English audio files. The remuneration per audio minute is pretty excellent.

Would you tell others about it? Yes, but it’s best suited to skilled transcriptionists who are meticulous about correctness.

What is the user experience like? Excellent. There are no issues with their website’s operation.

Do you have any safety concerns? There are no worries about privacy. They keep your information secure.

What advice do you have for new users? Proofread your work to make sure you don’t make any minor errors.


  • The files pay a lot of money each hour.
  • Daily chores that are consistent


  • They are quite meticulous when it comes to correctness.

(2.5/5) Anonymous User

The date is September 8, 2021.

  • Philippines (Philippines)
  • Age: 23
  • 4 months as a user
  • $55 in total earnings
  • Average hourly wage: $1
  • Monthly average: $10
  • Makes money on a monthly basis
  • The time it takes to withdraw for the first time is 28 days.

What are your overall thoughts? The website is simple to navigate and seems to be professional. When it comes to passing the admission test, the advice supplied are highly clear and useful. However, you only have access to a restricted amount of files after passing the admission test, so work is sluggish at first. Most of the time, there are just a few files accessible. It might take hours for you to be allocated the next file after you finish one.

They do, however, provide options for you to possibly make more money by acquiring access to additional files. This may be accomplished by taking and passing additional examinations. It’s simply too tiresome for me, and I don’t believe it’s worth it.

Would you tell others about it? Anyone with the time and patience to take all of the examinations required to acquire access to enough files to earn a decent amount of money should consider this as a side hustle/source of additional income. I don’t believe it’s worth it if you merely take the admission test.

What is the user experience like? The website is incredibly simple and user-friendly. There haven’t been any issues or malfunctions that I’ve seen. The site also includes a number of references as well as extensive information about your job and payment history.

Do you have any safety concerns? Because we don’t communicate with customers directly, I don’t believe any of my personal information is exposed. I’ve never had a problem with security or privacy.

What advice do you have for new users? Because there are just a few files accessible, don’t skip any of them, regardless of their quality. To acquire access to additional files, you must pass all advancement examinations for which you are eligible.


  • The transcribing tool’s user interface is excellent.
  • When you don’t finish a file on time, whatever work you’ve done is kept for modification by the next user, therefore the files are sometimes already half finished.
  • There are several options accessible. They provide a variety of examinations that you may complete to get access to additional files.
  • They offer a helpful community on Yammer where you may exchange ideas, best practices, and other information with fellow transcribers.


  • In comparison to other sites, the pay is modest.
  • Most of the time, there are just a few files accessible.
  • The minimum cash out amount used to be $20, however it has now been reduced to $10. Given the abundance of files, accumulating the required $10 amount takes a long time.
  • The order in which the files are allocated is random. You have no say in which files you work on.
  • Advancement examinations are rigorous and difficult to pass, and they don’t inform you which sections you missed.

More reviews may be found in the comments section, or you can write your own!

Pros and Cons of TranscribeMe

The Good

  • Work that is adaptable. Work from anywhere you want, whenever you want, as long as you finish at least one task every 30 days. You don’t have to devote a lot of time since audio file chunks might be relatively small.
  • High-quality employees who pass the relevant examinations will have prospects for advancement.
  • The community aspects are excellent.
  • Supportive assistance.
  • This is an excellent resource for learning how to transcribe as a novice.

The Bad

  • Unintentionally “cheating” may result in a suspension. TranscribeMe has a policy prohibiting test cheating, which is reasonable. They do, however, state that you will be banned “even if the offense was accidental,” which is strange.
  • Work that is rejected will not be reimbursed. You may, however, appeal denials if you believe they were made incorrectly.
  • You may be banned at any time and for no apparent reason. If you’re a high-quality worker, this shouldn’t happen, however the conditions specify that TranscribeMe may cancel your account for any reason. 
  • There is a scarcity of jobs.
  • For higher-level jobs, photo ID verification is necessary.
  • Depending on the audio files you’re working on, the job might be fairly difficult.
  • Training is not compensated.
  • It might be tough to meet the minimum payment requirement. Some claim that this is an aspect that TranscribeMe depends on. Workers join up, finish a few transcriptions, and then resign after realizing that reaching the compensation minimum would take considerably longer than they anticipated. TranscribeMe effectively receives free work after that.

Is TranscribeMe a Good Investment?

If you’re seeking for a simple method to make money from home and/or want to learn more about transcribing as a beginner, TranscribeMe is a good place to start. It’s one of the better entry-level Transcription jobs, with strong support and training for employees, and even advancement prospects if you decide that’s something you’re interested in, but it’s far from ideal.

To get started, you’ll have to put in a significant amount of unpaid time to complete their training and admission test, just to be rewarded with poor pay once you do receive paid job.

Overall, this chance is probably not for you if you despise having to listen to audio samples and then convert them to text. To be useful, it needs a high level of attention to detail and excellent listening abilities. Even then, the salary is insufficient, and labor availability is insufficient to offer a good income.

How to Begin Using TranscribeMe

Step 1: Make an account.

You may sign up to be a TranscribeMe freelancer here.

TranscribeMe jobs page

After clicking ‘Get Started,’ you’ll be sent to the following application form:

Worker application form preview

After you’ve filled it out and clicked ‘Create Profile,’ you should get a verification email. Read it and make sure your account is active.

Step 2: Pass the Entrance Exam in English

Your account will be activated after your email has been validated, and you will get another email with additional instructions. After that, you’ll be prompted to log into your TranscribeMe account and take the English Entrance Exam. 

The test consists of transcribing sample audio files and completing multiple-choice questions, much as other transcription services. As long as you follow the supplied style guide, it’s really straightforward (even if you have no previous transcribing expertise).

The test has no time restriction, however TranscribeMe advises that you allow aside 3 hours for it. It is strongly advised that you finish it in one sitting, but if you are unable to do so, you must complete a whole part before quitting. Otherwise, it’s possible that your progress won’t be preserved.

This test will offer you two chances to pass. If you fail your first try, you will only be given one more opportunity. You will get a welcome email within three business days if you pass the test. If you fail after the second attempt, you will be given a 30-day waiting period before being allowed to try again.

Step 3: Submit Your Paperwork (Optional)

Following the welcome email, you may get another email requesting you to verify your identity by uploading a valid picture ID such as a passport or driver’s license. The information in your ID should match the information you gave on the registration page.

Note: This isn’t usually necessary for TranscribeMe’s basic transcribing job, but it will be if you want to apply for higher-paying employment in the future.

Step 4: Begin Making Money

By checking in and hitting the Transcription tab and receiving confirmation that your account is authorized and completely confirmed, you may begin accepting tasks from the WorkHub.

I suggest starting with jobs as a generic transcriber to get a feel for the interface and the formatting guidelines. Always go through the adjustments made by QAs so you don’t make the same errors and can achieve better accuracy ratings.

Work may be sluggish at first, but after you’ve gotten the hang of it, you may begin taking several progression examinations to get access to more files and earn more money.

Best of luck! Return to this TranscribeMe review/guide if you ever need a reminder!


  • Inactivity: If you haven’t submitted a file in 30 days, your account may be deemed inactive and deleted without warning. Only files that have been submitted and appear in your Work History are counted as activity. Any files that have been canceled are not included. If you know you’ll be inactive for a long and want to avoid having your account canceled, you can let TranscribeMe know by filling out the Inactivity Form on Yammer ahead of time.
  • Poor performance might result in you losing access to specific sorts of work (e.g. special teams) or being kicked from the site entirely.

Alternatives to TranscribeMe

Check out these TranscribeMe alternatives if you appreciate transcribing work:

  1. Scribie
  2. Rev
  3. GoTranscript
  4. Crowdsurf
  5. Transcription every day
  6. Tigerfish

Check out our guide to at-home transcribing jobs for a complete list of options and instructions on how to become a transcriptionist.

Check out the Hustle Finder or one of these guides for comparable opportunities:

Last Thoughts

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TranscribeMe review and guide

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TranscribeMe is a popular transcription service. They offer competitive rates and allow you to work from home. Reference: transcribeme style guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually make money on TranscribeMe?

A: You can make money by signing up for the paid version of TranscribeMe. This is a transcription service that runs on professional transcribers who are professionals in their field, such as linguists or journalists.

How do you pass the TranscribeMe exam?

A: To pass the TranscribeMe exam, you need to be able to transcribe a text file in three minutes or less.

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