What Is Bishop Iona Locke Net Worth?

Similarly, What happened to Bishop Iona Locke?

Iona E. Locke, the founder of Abyssinia Christ Centered Ministries and a Presiding Prelate of the Christ Centered Ministries Assembly, died on Friday, December, according to Gwendolyn Quinn, a public relations expert who spoke on behalf of Bishop Locke’s family.

Also, it is asked, What denomination was Bishop Iona Locke?

a Pentecostal minister

Secondly, Where is Iona Locke buried?

Cemetery of Elmwood


Bishop Iona Locke is an American gospel singer who was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She has released six albums and has been nominated for a Grammy Award. Her husband is Bishop T.D. Jakes, a pastor of the Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas.

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The “bishop iona locke funeral” is a person who was the first African American to be ordained as a bishop in the United States. Bishop Iona Locke was born on January 10, 1892 and died on December 3, 1995.

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