Will Dr. Eifrig’s New Era Playbook Help You Beat Inflation?

In the past, inflation has been a problem for individuals and businesses alike. However, with Dr. Eifrig’s new era playbook, you can beat inflation and keep more of your money in your pocket.

Dr. David Eifrig is a neurologist who specializes in the treatment of Stansberry Research has said that America is going to go through one of its most major inflationary episodes in history.

“The New Era Playbook,” according to Dr. Eifrig, may assist.

In a nutshell, it’s a study he and his team put together on how they think this “new inflationary period” will play out, with the goal of helping you preserve and increase your money.

In this post, I’ll explain why Dr. Eifrig is worried about inflation, go over the details of his study, and take you through his four-step strategy for beating inflation.

Thesis of Dr. David Eifrig on the “New Era of Inflation”

The New Era Playbook was originally introduced to me via a presentation on the Stansberry Research website titled “Are You Ready for FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN?” which I discussed in this post.

Dr. Eifrig discusses how America is facing a severe inflation problem in his lecture. One that, according to him, has the potential to drive millions of people out of the middle class, out of retirement, out of private health care, and out of a good life.

He further claims that this “collectivist nightmare” may result in a “financial shutdown.”

What exactly does it imply?

A financial lockout, according to Dr. Eifrig, occurs when “people are imprisoned by their own failing currency and their own severely indebted government.”

In the presentation, he goes into great depth about why he’s worried about inflation, so if you want the whole scoop, go to the Stansberry Research website.

If you don’t want to watch the presentation, the essence of his inflation thesis is that the Fed’s loose monetary policy (a.k.a. “money printing”), high government debt, and excessive government expenditure all contribute to inflation.

These factors, according to Dr. Eifrig, are contributing to increased inflation and excessive speculation in the real estate and financial sectors, among other things.

Because, as he points out, owing to a phenomenon known as Money Illusion, individuals may erroneously think they are gaining wealth when asset values rise while, in fact, the value of the currency is falling.

Anyway, to cut a long tale short, Dr. Eifrig thinks inflation will only worsen. And that it will be unlike the inflation of the 1970s, which is why he refers to it as a “new age of inflation.”

For one, he doesn’t think anybody at the Federal Reserve will be ready to increase interest rates to 22% like Paul Volcker did in 1981. (which subsequently reduced inflation). Second, he reminds out that the system has a significant amount of debt.

“Pushing borrowing rates higher may effectively bankrupt the country,” he adds, citing these reasons. And that’s one of the reasons he thinks inflation will be around for a long time.

So, what’s the answer?

According to Dr. Eifrig, the answer may be found in The New Era Playbook.

What Is The Playbook For The New Era?


Dr. David Eifrig and the Stansberry Research team put produced The New Era Playbook, an unique study on combating inflation.

Dr. Eifrig claims that:

You’ll discover which assets are most likely to lose a significant amount of value in the next years, as well as which stocks, bonds, and other investments to avoid.

In a nutshell, we’ll show you our FULL PLAYBOOK on how we believe this inflationary period will unfold… … all the actions you’ll need to take to preserve and increase your money along the road

Here’s a rundown of the report’s contents:

  • How a new age of inflation may lead to the formation of a new political party.
  • As inflation rises, these ten commonly held equities should be sold.
  • How to build and maintain your financial savings.
  • As inflation increases, how to earn “huge sums of income”
  • In the case of a bank run, you’ll want to keep your money safe.
  • How to get a 300 percent return on your retirement funds.
  • The time frame in which Dr. Eifrig and his colleagues think inflation will occur.

To summarize, it is an inflation guide. While there are many tools available to assist individuals fight inflation, not all of them were created by Dr. Eifrig.

And, as I’ll explain later, this report is part of a “four-step strategy” he’s devised, so there’s more to it than just this one document. But first, let me give you some background on Dr. Eifrig, because he’s the driving force behind everything.

Who is Dr. David Eifrig and what does he do?

Will-Dr-Eifrigs-New-Era-Playbook-Help-You-Beat-InflationDr. David Eifrig

Dr. David Eifrig, Jr. is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, a medical doctor, and the editor of numerous Stansberry Research stock recommendations.

Retirement Millionaire is perhaps his most well-known advice. This is a monthly email aimed at assisting seniors in living a more successful retirement. He offers advice on how to save money, increase your wealth, and preserve the riches you currently have.

He also manages Stansberry’s other services. For example, he is the editor of Income Intelligence, a higher-end service that focuses on assisting members in generating investment income via dividend stocks.

Dr. Eifrig has established a profitable biotech business and has significant academic accomplishments in addition to being a medical doctor, financial expert, and stock advice guru.

Not to mention that he has a worldwide readership and has recommended some great stocks over the years.

That isn’t to say that everything he forecasts comes true. But, based on what I’ve seen, he’s a true expert who offers some fantastic insights on topics like inflation.

What Is the Four-Step Plan of Dr. Eifrig?

We previously discussed The New Era Playbook, which is Dr. Eifrig’s “solution” for assisting people in surviving and thriving during periods of excessive inflation.

This is, however, just one “piece” of his entire approach.

Dr. Eifrig and the Stansberry team have devised a “four-step strategy” to assist Retirement Millionaire subscribers preserve and increase their money as inflation rises.

Each “phase” in the strategy is detailed in a “special report” that comes with a Retirement Millionaire membership. As a result, the New Era Playbook is just one step out of four in this regard.

The unique reports that make up Dr. David Eifrig’s 4-step approach are as follows:

  • The New Era Playbook is the first step.
  • Step 2: The Inflation-Affected Portfolio
  • Step 3: The Stock Boost of 100%
  • Step 4: In a Time of Crisis, The Two Most Valuable Assets

The New Era Playbook is the first step.

As previously stated, the New Era Playbook is a special study on inflation prepared by Dr. David Eifrig and the Stansberry Research team. And this is the first of four “steps” in his strategy to combat inflation.

Step 2: The Inflation-Affected Portfolio

The next stage in Dr. Eifrig’s strategy is to structure your portfolio to account for inflation. Because, as he points out, certain portfolios will do better than others during periods of high inflation, including the one he and his colleagues offer in the “Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio” report.

You’ll figure out which assets to purchase and which to sell, as well as how to arrange your portfolio. And, according to Dr. Eifrig, it has outperformed the S&P 500 by five times over the long run.

For example, we discovered a portfolio that has outperformed the S&P 500 stock market index over the long run by approximately five times and outperformed the conventional portfolio most financial planners suggest by nearly seven times (60 percent stocks and 40 percent bonds).

Step 3: The Stock Boost of 100%

The final stage includes a report as well as web-based software that, according to Dr. Eifrig, may help you monitor your investments and figure out how to optimize your profits from each one.

The paper explains how it works, and as a Retirement Millionaire member, you’ll get access to the program, which Dr. Eifrig claims he and his team spent more than $10 million creating.

Step 4: In a Time of Crisis, The Two Most Valuable Assets

Dr. Eifrig’s four-step approach concludes with two assets that he claims have “proved to be among the greatest strategies to preserve and increase your money, even in the worst kind of monetary catastrophe.”

What are the two assets he’s referring to?

It’s not gold, silver, bonds, or bitcoin, according to Dr. Eifrig. It’s also “up nearly 2,010 percent over the long run since 1992, with not a single negative year,” according to the report. He also claims that your local bank may have it. But with so little information, I’m not sure what he’s talking about.

You’ll have to read the fourth report, titled “The Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis,” to find out what two assets he’s talking about.

This study is only available to subscribers of Retirement Millionaire.

What Does It Mean to Be a Retirement Millionaire?

Stansberry Research publishes Retirement Millionaire, a stock advice service authored by Dr. David Eifrig. Subscribers get a new edition of the newsletter every month, which includes money-saving advice, fresh investment suggestions, and Dr. Eifrig’s most recent market observations.

In terms of how it operates, this stock advice is quite typical.

The newsletter, for example, is published once a month, and you have access to a model portfolio that gives you the current stock recommendations as well as periodic portfolio updates.

What sets it apart from other advises is that it is geared at assisting retirees and those intending to retire live a healthier lifestyle.

As a result, the suggestions are more cautious and income-focused, and you’ll also receive advice on topics like health, vacation, and money management.

To put it another way, if you’re hoping for the next Tesla or Netflix, this service isn’t for you. But let’s say you want to invest for dividend income, to increase your retirement savings, to make your money go farther, and to live a better life with less money. In such case, this service is well worth investigating.

If you want to understand more, read my entire review of Retirement Millionaire.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Retirement Millionaire’s annual membership cost is $199, but if you join via the “financial lockdown” presentation we’ve been discussing, it’s just $49.

You also receive all four studies I mentioned before, including The New Era Playbook, that make up Dr. Eifrig’s four-step inflation strategy.

Like other Stansberry Research products, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not for you during the first 30 days, you can seek a refund.


Dr. Eifrig produced a presentation on the Stansberry Research website to warn people about inflation and provide a remedy in a paper called The New Era Playbook.

In it, he explains his inflation thesis, how long he thinks it will persist, and what you should do to preserve and increase your money if inflation continues to rise.

He also wrote three additional studies, The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio, The 100% Stock Boost, and The Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis, that complement The New Era Playbook in certain ways. All of this is available to you if you subscribe to Retirement Millionaire for $49.

Will it assist you in combating inflation?

In his lecture, Dr. Eifrig makes several excellent points regarding inflation, and he has a proven track record of delivering value to his audience. So if you joined Retirement Millionaire and read through the reports he offers, there’s a good possibility you’d learn anything from him.

Also, you may receive some excellent investment suggestions to help you hedge against inflation.

Despite his expertise and track record, I doubt Dr. Eifrig possesses a crystal ball. Well, not one that really works, at least. As a result, no one knows how severe inflation will become, how long it will continue, or which assets are the best to invest in.

That is why it is critical to do your own study before making any decisions and to recognize that investing entails risk.